An Angel, is not a little being with wings, it represents symbolically the next stage of evolution of Humankind... our capacity to dream, to travel and to activate the multidimensions of our consciousness... Professors Kaya & Christiane Muller

The Traditional Study of Angels provides us with a list of the Qualities of each Angel as well as its corresponding human distortions in order to allow us an in-depth understanding of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), the Source Code of our conscience, the positive and negative potential that dwells in each of us. These very ancient and original lists of Angelic qualities, are the essences of our existence and the purpose of our evolution. As presented here, they have been adapted to the contemporary, modern era for universal use. Working regularly with the Angels by repeating the Name as a Mantra allows us to open our unconsciousness and activate our capacity to receive dreams and signs, as well as to structure our inner work to develop our Emotional Intelligence (EQ). 

How to work with Angels ?

An Angel is not a little being with wings. It represents a pure state of consciouness of divine qualities and virtues. It is a very ancient metaphor explaining our capacity to dream and to travel in the multi-dimensions of our conscience. Working with Angels is basically very simple. All we have to do is to repeat the Name of an Angel like a Mantra, as often as possible, preferably only one Angel's Name at a time over a period of at least five days. Hence, we focus on this particular department, state or facet of our conscience, and on developing the qualities, virtues and divine powers the Angel represents. We can then very gradually become the Angel, integrating multidimensional knowledge and new potential, as well as modifying our memories and who we are. Depending on the contents of the memories situated in that department, the Angel manifests either in a pure way, or brings out our human distortions so we can cleanse them and understand ourselves in depth. But one way or another, He manifests, that’s absolute and starts to trigger dreams and very precise signs. Hence, what is extraordinary is that in our dreams and everyday situations, we then encounter exactly those characteristics (qualities or human distortions) of the Angel we’ve been invoking. By paying attention to our dreams and everyday situations and experiences, we can recognize the contents of the lists of qualities and human distortions associated with the Angels. This allows us to consciously participate in the work the Angel does, and provides us with a very precise map of our conscience and of our travels via our dreams in the multi-dimensions of the our life and Parallel Worlds.

You can experiment yourself by choosing an Angel in the list of the 72 Angels on your right. Repeat the Name as often as possible during the day while you meditate, walk, do sport, cook, and before going to sleep and prepare a Dream Journal, a pen to note your dreams. You will see that all your dreams and signs will correspond to the Angel you invoke. Take note that you can receive beautiful dreams but also nightmares. Do not be afraid, it a process that is normal and that will benefit you by cleansing and evacuating your negatives memories recorded in your inner computer for so long. Continue to do this practice a min. of 5 days or more with the same Angel to create the connection and activate the state of consciousness in you. Your dreams will become more real, more vivid and very intense and you will be able to start to interpret them by reading the qualities and human distortions on the list of the Angel that you are working with.

For more info, we recommend you to read: The Book of Angels, The Hidden Secrets by Professors Kaya and Christiane Muller. You can also discover our entire Books section and Musics section on Angels, Dreams, Signes & Symbols. 

Note: It is important to interpret the qualities and distortions first and foremost in terms of conscience; in other words, they are not to be taken literally.