33 Yehuiah


  • Subordination
  • Good, right, just authority, leadership
  • Ability to work well with one’s superiors, to create team spirit, and close collaboration with important people
  • Capable of globally understanding the structure of a situation, a business company, a mission, etc., capacity to plan important projects, honor one’s commitments and assume great responsibilities
  • Appreciation and acknowledgement from one’s superiors
  • Inspires confidence and loyalty
  • Capable of withstanding high tension, powerful initiations
  • Letting go, averts confrontation
  • Fidelity to what is superior, honesty
  • Capable of recognizing true Hierarchy
  • Conscious of one’s place in the Cosmic Order
  • Enables us to unmask traitors and uncover schemes and plotting
  • Supports altruistic initiatives, leads to a sense of duty
  • Gives rise to scientific discoveries
  • A trustworthy person
  • Commitment, contract, alliance, philanthropic association

Human Distortions

  • Insubordination, problems with hierarchy and authority
  • Rebellion, confrontation, resistance or refusal to execute orders, aggression
  • Cannot bear hierarchy, pushed aside or dismissed from positions of command
  • Defies orders from Up Above
  • Perversity, multiple desires, lack of moral fiber and strength to do what is right
  • Dropout, quest for the useless, abandon
  • Conflict, betrayal inscribed in one’s genetic code, in the unconscious
  • Contempt
  • Feelings of superiority and inferiority
  • Worldly pleasures, abuse of privileges
  • Lack of loyalty, betrayal, treachery
  • Ego problems
  • Imposes one’s will and presence, dictatorial behavior
  • Rigidity, anger


  • Aggression
  • Alcoholism
  • Impose one's will
  • Legs
  • Rebel
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