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I still dream about my ex

Are you still dreaming about your ex? You would like to understand why it comes back at night, when you have moved on? Your reality is one thing, you are sure of yourself, but when you wake up, you sometimes feel mixed up? What is true? What is real?... Did you know that your dreams show you the keys to your future? The keys to your change... The codes that live inside you and influence your thoughts, your heart, and your choices... Even when you don't know it.

I still dream about my ex

During the day I love one man and at night I love another... Am I normal? 

You were in his arms, you even felt his smell... You had forgotten about it... but at night you still remember it... And your dreams are so real that when you wake up you feel guilty... Your husband sleeping beside you... You feel embarrassed by these dreams that come back again and again... 

In this article, find out why millions of people dream about their past relationships and what it really means.

Haunted by the past

However, for many it is clear that this relationship is over, but the fact remains that in dreams the past often resurfaces in surprising ways! 

We all have a reservoir of memories and this reservoir defines us as a person. This reservoir defines our attractions, our disturbances, and even our way of loving... 

Someone who has suffered in the past, suffered from having been betrayed for example, has recorded hundreds or even thousands of negative memories about love which will influence the way he or she will close his or her heart sometimes, for fear of suffering again.

And when our being "forgets" its sufferings, that it represses them for example, it then enters into a reservoir which one calls the unconscious. Where the data of who you are resides, of which you are not aware... And when this reservoir fills up - here in the context of negative memories -  it can lead to depression. Because the "system" has built up too much pressure... Just as a couple that builds up too much frustration, unspoken words or anger, may eventually choose to separate.

We are all living computers that record positive and negative memories, every moment of our lives... And at night, through dreams, our consciousness dives into this unconscious reservoir to better understand ourselves, to avoid even more intense misfortunes sometimes.

If only you knew how many problems we can avoid in our lives through the science of dreaming... Human beings, it's absolute, must sooner or later learn to decode their consciousness and their memories to clean up inside themselves.

If you are haunted by the past, it means that your soul is looking for answers now... That you are ready to go further too... Learn to transform old negative memories into positive ones.

Is it possible to love again?

With this article, I wish to say to all those who are living a heartache and who look to the future and ask themselves: "Is it possible to love again?" Yes! I tell you, it is possible to love again... It is even possible to love better again... Like getting up after falling and moving forward better afterwards... But to achieve this, we sometimes have to clean up our inner computer... Like in our way of conceiving the presence of the other in our life.

And in this journey of repairing the "broken heart", dreams are really the key to open the doors of the memories within...

And with courage, in a dream, you can face the truth, go and see why you hurt, why this relationship failed, and especially what you can improve in yourself so that one day you will find love again under a new day... one day you will find love again under a better day... and also so that love will be synonymous with happy longevity...

Is it possible to still love him?

Yes, it's possible that you still love him, often dreaming that you are in a relationship with your ex... But the more expert we become in analyzing our dreams, the more we understand that it's all a matter of "percentages" and "parts of oneself"... Let's start by explaining the percentage dynamic:

A beautiful dream or nightmare always represents percentages of our thoughts, emotions and or actions. This means that you can dream about a sadness that you carry within you, but it will only represent 3% of your current state... Or you can have the same dream but it will represent 40%... It all depends on your accumulation of memories and your ability to renew yourself.

Someone who is super jealous in love will also dream of jealousy situations sometimes... And if this person is super jealous their dream may represent 79% of their current personality... While someone else might get a similar dream and only have 0.8% of jealousy in terms of accumulation...

All this to explain that yes, if you are constantly dreaming about your ex, it is possible that you still love him or her, or that you still love what he or she represents for you... If he or she was rebellious for example, if that is what your ex represents for you, then you can understand that you are still attracted, not always but at times, to this force of rebellion, of countering others to get what you want, and sometimes of wanting too much to do things your way, etc.

We attract what we are

We attract what we are, so your dreams show you that you are still a bit like your ex somewhere, often in the negative, because sometimes we have not finished learning from a situation, even when we have finished living it... We can still process several parameters in ourselves...

And living with someone, sharing as a couple is a very intimate experience... We often say: "I've got you under my skin" and this kind of expression is very graphic, but at the same time it symbolically means how much we share of ourselves and how much the other person can influence us, enter into us in terms of behavioral, memory and emotional influence.

And if you are super-orderly as a person, but you attracted a completely disordered ex, that also means something... Life can be analyzed exactly like in a dream... It means that somewhere, deep inside you, you are also a little bit like that at times or in certain specific contexts... And you can also attract in a couple a person who resembles who you used to be.... Hmm... it's super interesting when you think about it, the science of resonances.... 🙂

A part of me

The other is always a part of you in the dream... Why? Because we visit our own consciousness at night, so you see how this symbol lives in you... Ok, stop! What does it all mean? 

It means that if you dream about your ex, on a beach with a dog: all the symbols are a part of you: you are your ex, you are the beach, you are the dog and you are you... You visit yourself at night, you visit your own percentages of memories

So, you shouldn't be afraid to dream about your exes 🙂 Because they are actually a symbolism that represents facets of the past that still exist within you as a symbol.

Sometimes you are too nice, sometimes romantic, sometimes too distant or dependent... Like this or that ex... And your dreams show you... Show different sides of you.

It's over in reality, but what if it's not yet over in you?

In short, dreaming about your ex means that certain percentages of what this person means to you are still there... Still sticking to you...

You can change your house, but still feel sad... It's not the concrete change that will change everything in you... So it's the same thing in a couple, you can change your spouse and still feel sad, not finding the real happiness... The one you shouldn't look for through the other one, the one you should find in yourself... Even if one day a happy and fused couple can really self-generate mutual & deep happiness...

When you dream that you are making love to your ex or you see yourself kissing him, what you have to be careful about is not to wake up thinking about him all day long, thinking that he is going to come back in your life or that he still loves you, because sometimes it can be only symbolic!

Even if premonitions exist, there are few contexts where it becomes a premonition, because millions of people dream about their ex and they don't all come back together (laughs)!

So it's important not to project and conceptualize a reunion, or get lost in the meanderings of the past... Because often you can dream about your ex and maybe he or she doesn't dream about you or doesn't share the same affinities, etc.

It is then necessary to be vigilant not to project on the outside, but rather to wonder about what this person represents for us because it is very interesting to understand it becomes a symbol in a dream equation, about oneself and about what we still have to finalize with regard to this old relationship. 

Changing relationships like changing shoes

Do you want to know the truth in all of this? The truth is that most people will change relationships too quickly. They finalize a relationship that has created a failure in their life and out of need, out of a search to fill the void, the lack, they will start a new relationship too quickly. Often without having taken the time to take stock, to make peace and to renew themselves as a person.

We cannot change relationships like we change pairs of shoes, because our unconscious is filled with memories with the person, memories that have been shared at an intimate level, at a much deeper level than we can imagine... 

It takes time to take stock of your life when you choose to end a relationship and as most people do not take the time to go inward, to take stock of themselves, dreams remind us of what is still living in us in terms of memories... Dreams can bring back to the surface a difficult past, not digested, a fear of being cheated on, etc... Always to help you to improve yourself and eventually to free yourself from what still holds you back...

Why dream about your ex?

So, in the end, why dream about your ex ? To know yourself better... To understand these percentages of memories...

Because if you are still "connected" to him or her that you once loved, still connected even to 20%, in your heart, in your soul... This 20%, it prevents you from loving to 100% the person who is currently present in your life or the one who will come one day... 

Hmm... So cleaning up our memories is interesting in the end, to one day find our full potential at 100%... To one day love at 100% ❤︎