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How can a dream change a life?

Did you know that dreams have a logic that reveals the deepest dimensions of our consciousness and our existence? Indeed, all the elements of our dream, whether it is an object or a person, are in reality symbols, which we have encoded through our own experiences, with their positive and negative dimensions. All these symbols are part of the dreamer and represent him, even when he visits others in dreams. Did you know that the dream is a message from our unconscious mind that shows us why we think, feel and act in a certain way?

The Dream: a sometimes confusing journey

At first glance, a dream may seem abstract, illogical, confusing. So how can a dream change a life? I imagine you've already had the experience of waking up and being confused after an intense dream. Sometimes the atmosphere of our dream can even "stick" to us and confuse us all day; we may even need 3-4 seconds to know where we are so powerful the inner journey was.

The depth of a dream

But what happens when we dream? How can we see things in a dream that we have never experienced in real life or even seen in a movie? How is it possible that a dream can have such a profound effect on our state of mind, even make us sweat, wake us up in fear or danger? Or to amaze us with surprising revelations, even premonitory ones?


The more we study dreams, the more we discover to what extent our consciousness and our unconscious are interconnected to our memories, to our life programs, which are not only linked to our experience, but also to others, and to the multiple dimensions of the Universe. The dream is an access to our inner computer, but also to what we could call the Skynet, the universal Internet.

The multidimensions of dreams

The more we evolve with dreams, the more we discover that it can become like a search engine, a possibility to receive answers to our most intimate questions and most useful secrets. It reveals to us who we are and gradually leads us to have access to the mysteries of the Universe and the multi-dimensions that constitute it.

A dream can change a life

A dream can change our life because it basically allows us to identify our inner dysfunctions before they manifest themselves concretely, thus offering us the possibility to transform them and improve ourselves.

For understanding dreams we must know that the meaning of our existence is only to develop qualities, to become a better person, a better soul. Thus, through our multiple experiences and realities (and those of our dreams) we learn to live, to think, to love; we integrate lessons of wisdom that transform our choices, and modify our life directions.

A symbol in a dream

Let's take the example of the symbol of the mother in a dream. First of all, it is important to know that a symbol can be as much positive as negative, depending on how it appears in the dream.

If we see that our mother in our dreams is kind, just, bright, in a positive context, then she represents a part of us that reveals how we take care of ourselves, as well as our emotional dimension and expression for ourselves and for others: our caring, protective and nurturing attitude on the inner level. It is important to know that we all (whether we are male or female) have the symbol of the mother within us. Negatively, the mother will represent difficulties to love oneself, to take care of others and oneself, etc.

Associating symbols

A symbol must always be put into context within the dream and also according to the other symbols that present themselves. What takes the most time when studying the interpretation of dreams and symbols is to make the link between them. Namely, the mother, if she is in a context of origin (the childhood home for example), will indicate our memories and what we have experienced, that which has influenced us and which constitutes the foundation of our emotional state.

If all is well in the dream, then great. But if there are problems, then that old experience is a fundamental emotional code that will influence many aspects of who we are and our lives.

The importance of context

If our mother is in a social context of today in the dream, this will indicate if we take care of ourselves when we are with others, or if we forget ourselves completely and get lost in our social relationships.

Also, to properly interpret a dream, sometimes we add to this general symbolism the qualities or weaknesses of our mother, as we perceive them. For example, she may have been highly motivated, energetic in starting projects, loyal to her values; or she may have been too submissive, or a complicated, critical or controlling person.

The origin of our behaviors

So in a positive or negative (or half and half) dream, our unconscious will talk to us about this aspect of ourselves, our maternal dimension, loving or not, sometimes showing us healthy evolutions or things to change, which affect us, and can plague our current relationships.

The dream will tell us in what context we behave in this way towards ourselves, and towards others in our way of accompanying them, and above all where this behavior comes from originally, what created it.

Transforming memories

By applying the symbolic language to our dreams, we can go back into our unconscious memories to do a cleansing, to reprogram ourselves, and not repeat cyclical patterns in spite of ourselves, such as a repetitive break-up of a couple in a strongly similar context, situations of harassment in our professional environment, a period of depression indicating an excess accumulated for a very long time, etc.

A dream can therefore allow us to to free ourselves from our negative memories, from our karma, by becoming aware of the causes of behaviors that have limited us and/or made us suffer for years.

A single dream, understood in depth, can completely change our way of thinking and being, our destiny, and allow us to move towards what is right for ourselves and for others.

Reprogramming yourself

Dreams are also a very advanced spiritual experience when we know how to interpret them and use them for the good of our evolution. For in a dream, unconscious memories that inhabit us are revealed to us... We are told about our ways of thinking, feeling and acting... Which are benevolent or harmful, which create joy or blockages. And this, in all spheres of our life, and in all planes of our being.

A dream can even explain to us why we are ill, and which memories have created our illness. Thanks to a dream, we can even anticipate the concrete manifestation of an illness, because by transforming the negative dynamics at the level of our deep concepts, we can change the programming of our body.

The key to our future

The dream also has a premonitory dimension, it can help us to orient ourselves in our life to make the right choices for ourselves and for others.

Using the dream to make major decisions in our lives, we can access the consequences of our choices. For example, we can ask ourselves before going to sleep, if it is right for our evolution to associate ourselves with a particular person professionally? We can receive a dream that shows us a deserted company with a feeling of emptiness, of sadness. In this case, the dreamer will know his destiny if he chooses this path... Because the dream gives access to a universal calculation of all the elements, memories, of oneself, of the other, and of our affinities, compatibilities or incompatibilities. We can thus receive all kinds of dreams to guide us, by learning to ask questions.

The answer received can also be profound, explaining that the dreamer must transform such and such a thing before it is possible, without necessarily telling us right away if it will work or not. The objective is always above all to develop qualities.

It is essential to remember this when working with and using dreams to ask questions. If you only use dreams as a crystal ball, in a selfish, overly materialistic way, you will very often be confused, as the first goal and ultimate objective is the development of qualities. With time, the more we work on ourselves, the more we cleanse our memories, the more precise the dreams are, and yes, they can clearly indicate a guidance on the concrete and material level.

The essential

To study one's dreams is also to develop a lot of humility, because they are to be analyzed by coming back to oneself, because a dream always speaks of the dreamer with total transparency.