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Decoding Past lives & Dreams in the Light of Symbolic Language

Did you know that the Universe talks to you all the time through Dreams, Signs & Symbols?

By understanding your Dreams, and everyday Signs, you can know your Life Program & what is coming up. Dreams can help us diagnose our life’s problems and answer all our questions. 

Do some of these questions intrigue you?

  • What is the real purpose of my life? How can I remember my dreams and decode? 
  • Do you wonder about your Past Lives? And, how it impacts your current Life? How can I connect & purify many past lives at the same time?

With Symbolic language, just one past life recollection or just one dream can reveal the cause of your blocks and help to release to create a better relationship with self and others. Not only that, it improves your emotional intelligence too!

Symbolic language is the language with which universe communicates with you all the time...day & night, it just that you have to learn it :) 

Come join us in this profound journey to better understand the root causes of all our problems, illnesses and obstacles in this lifetime with an international expert on Dreams, Signs & Symbols Interpretation with Symbolic Language, Emotional Intelligence, Karmic Knowledge, Past Life Memories- Haritha Nayak from Universe/City Mikaël (UCM), Teaching & Research Center, Canada.

This profound knowledge is helping thousands of people across the world to develop and balance their Intelligence Quotient, Emotional Quotient & Spiritual Quotient. Symbolic Language can help us decode not just our Past Life memories but also our Dreams and our Life. 

You will also learn angelology for attaining one’s own spiritual autonomy by way of knowing self better.

angelica yana workshops in different locations in asia... 


Location DATE Contact
Mumbai 20th July 2019 Kalpana : +91 80082 53248 / Pooja : +91 93237 31322
Kochi 27th July 2019 Avantika : +91 98302 60014
Chennai 3rd August 2019 Kalpana : +91 80082 53248 / Ruchi : +91 98731 89453
Bangalore 4th August 2019 Ayesha : +91 90087 21489 / Santhosh : +91 98453 64446
Kolkata  10th August 2019 Sumita : +91 83358 78833 / Avantika : + 91 98302 60014
Singapore 1st September 2019 Santhosh : +91 98453 64446 / singapore@ucm.center


For more information and to organize workshop in your city, please write to santhosh.nayak@ucm.in / Phone + 91 98453 64446