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Haritha Nayak grew up in a town in the Himalayas in India. Born in a family with spiritual bent of mind, from her childhood she used to question about the purpose of her life. With advocate parents, when she was little, she was very light in weight and hence her father used to balance the cradle by keeping his Law books on one side. She used to spend most of her time with her grandfather who used to tell her stories of ancient Sages, Vedas & Yogis and help her chant Mantras. She used to sit in silence & focus on her third eye chakra, believing that to be communication point to connect to God and meditate. She used to see people around her praying to god and always asking for fulfilment of wishes which she never felt ok with. So one day she asked her grandmother, a very spiritual person, that what should one ask God for and she replied “We have been provided with everything that we need to learn to become a better person, so we should only ask God to give us strength & patience if we have to go through the difficult times for some learning”. This statement made a huge impact on her mind. While growing up, Buddha used to attract her attention. One day in her class, she was introduced to the teachings of Buddha and on hearing the Mantra “Buddham Sharanam Gacchami...”, it acted as a trigger and she cried with tears of Joy.

Teaching came naturally to her. While only 8 years old, she used to teach the kids in her community on all the subjects. Herself an excellent student with interest in computer science, she did her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications. While doing first year of her graduation, she was already teaching computer languages and programming in an institute in her hometown to students who were doing their Master degree in computers and engineering. She then completed Master’s Degree in Business Administration from one of the most prestigious Women’s University in India, Banasthali Vidhyapith. She moved to Bangalore in year 2007 for her job at Bennett, Coleman & Company in their Internet division. As the universe had planned the synchronicity, the first day of joining itself, she met Santhosh, her soul mate and now her husband and she knew that she will be living this life with him and they will be learning together. After seven years of career with various organizations in India like Times of India, Oracle and Lenovo she started getting her signs to move to the next step of learning. From her childhood, she used to get powerful dreams, she knew they were messages, however at that time she could not understand them. Her soul was continuously seeking for the right guidance to come in her life.

Finally in year 2012, after experiencing a fulfilling corporate career, Haritha decided to explore the true purpose of her life and went to Rishikesh in an Ashram on the banks of river Ganga. She stayed there for some time but her soul was asking for more and absolute truth. In this quest, she attended a Buddhist silence retreat and for the first time she felt peace inside her. Still sensing that there is a missing link, she learnt Past Life Regression and qualified as a therapist in 2013. She was still, asking the universe every day to bring her the true knowledge meant for ascension of her soul. And finally her prayers were answered in October 2013 when she met Kaya and Christiane in Pyramid Valley, Bangalore. Looking at them, she felt that she has known them before; it was not the first time. The purity and profoundness of energy in Kaya and Christiane made her feel as if she had found what she was seeking since many lives. While talking, Christiane suggested her to invoke Angel Damabiah to understand the true meaning of a nightmare that she used to receive since childhood. That was her first experience with this work and even though she chanted Angel Damabiah for 5 minutes only before sleeping, the nightmare dream completed for the first time and never appeared again! Before attending the workshop next day, she had already read everything on UCM Website and knew her birth angels. The workshop created more curiosity in her, however, she knew with joy, that this is the path that will answer all her questions and take her to a profound inner journey.  This was the beginning of new evolution for her. Christiane, very kindly offered Haritha, her help to move forward on the path of working with 72 Angels and Dreams.  She started working with the Angelic calendar to invoke the Angels and started noting down her dreams. Christiane continued to help her understand her inner programs that needed to be worked on in order to become a better soul.  The self-work with Angels that takes one into deep seated memories in the unconscious and helps to cleanse is the most profound work that she found. She is learning and experiencing her inner world more each day and is on the path of inner transformations in DSSI (Dreams-Signs-Symbols Interpretation).

Haritha, now in the guidance of Kaya & Christiane Muller, shares the knowledge of Angelica wisdom in India, Vietnam & Singapore. She is supported and inspired by her husband Santhosh in this Angelic Mission, who is also continuing with the DSSI program. Over the years, she was guided in her dreams, to bring this ancient technique of breathing with Angels in the modern times. Angelica Yana technique involves invoking an Angel along with conscious connected breathing to lift the veil to unconscious, that enables the seeker to go into the memories which are yet to transform. The Angelic wisdom and symbolic understanding of these memories, that emerge in form of sensations, pains or visions during a Yana Session, help the seeker to profoundly experience and understand the distortions in them and transform them with continued chanting of the Angelica Mantra during the session. Haritha, along with Santhosh, is now devoted to UCM, to be able to bring this Knowledge to people who have been waiting for the true Knowledge, to decode and connect to source code of their soul and one day Become an Angel!