• Banniere Assistant Professeur UCM Geoffrey Gagnon

After a happy childhood, yet marked by the divorce of his parents, Geoffrey lives an extremely difficult adolescence. His mother, who has an inoperable brain tumor, is dying.

His aunt will take care of him, his brother and his mother during the last years of her life. After a very complex situation of parental alienation, his father was not made aware about his ex-wife and children situation until the reception of a lawyer's letter, a few weeks after her death. After false statements, obtained by imposition and manipulation, he will not see his children for 11 years.

In two weeks, Geoffrey and his brother lost their mother, and indirectly, their father and all the members of their paternal family. Geoffrey felt broken inside. Overwhelmed by this situation, he withdraws on himself. At school, he doesn't tell his friends what he lives at home, as his aunt forbid him to.

Except in a few exceptional cases, he will hardly speak anymore and escape in his imagination. Without any landmarks, he tries to find himself the best he can, but the task was not easy. He spent most of his time drawing, allowing him to express and think about his inner feelings. These moments of almost continuous introspection create a pensive being, seeking for deep answers.

Inwardly, he felt dying. Then, he lives a rebirth, beginning collegial studies in plastic arts.

His deep being emerges and his philosophical and spiritual research starts. Through an artistic project, he meets wonderful friends that will inspire him to transform. Fascinated by spirituality, he reads all the books he can find on the subject. Quickly, he chooses a path and engages consciously in his spiritual journey.

He starts to get interested by his dreams, a logical extend to his inner path, and notices signs around him. These tools help him to heal his consciousness, even if he doesn't always understand their precise meaning at that moment.

In the meanwhile, a sense of mission emerges in him: he wishes to help humanity through his art. At first, even if he doesn't understand the depth of this path (it is inside of him first that he unconsciously seeks to bring light, joy and inspiration), it allows him to develop his creativity and altruism.

Working on himself for several years with the best notions he knows, he then discovers the Book of Angels. His interest is immediate. He finds the missing answers to keep advancing on his inner journey in a deeper way, and starts to rebalance his material and spiritual life.

Wishing to help the UCM association which, through its books and conferences, greatly helped him to understand himself and become a better person, he is today totally devoted and contributes to develop UCM with his beautiful talents, mainly as coordinator of the DSSI program, in which he is student and also assistant. 

Today, he evolves and works with his wife Stéphanie and keeps a very good relationship with his father and paternal family, that he was able to retrieve. More than anything, his deepest wish is to keep learning, developing himself and become a better person through help and service.

"Life is a gift, a pure and free gesture; it's up to us to honor it."