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A confidence that gives wings - Ange 27 Yerathel


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When you have doubts, it's because something doesn't add up... A resonance... Something is still missing to make a decision. To be confident, we need to understand... what we are doing, what we are experiencing. We need to feel at peace, to know what we are doing for ourselves and for others.

In this conference, we will learn to listen, with confidence, to that inner voice that speaks to us and measures the decisions we make, with great wisdom... consciously... and unconsciously. But how do we know if we have taken the right path?

Did you know that self-confidence can sometimes be dangerous? Have you ever made decisions without being totally sure, or out of overconfidence? We hear about the light, but what exactly is it? Is this light our guide, or do we use it to dazzle and manipulate others?

You want to have good relationships... but how to be confident? Sometimes you feel exhausted, and you no longer find pleasure in life... How to be optimistic, without excess, without rejecting the negative?

In this conference on self-confidence and optimism, we will study the parameters that influence confidence, that make us doubt, that prevent us from functioning and making positive decisions for our lives. We will learn what divine confidence is and how to approach it, what are the symbols that appear in our dreams and signs?

If you have confidence... or not, or too much, this conference will interest you...

Nils Delmonico will welcome you with great joy in this new online course on the 27th Angel Yerathel, one of the 72 Angels of traditional Angelology. Using concrete and symbolic examples, he will share how to regain true confidence in yourself and your Divine Program.

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