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Obey... To what? To whom? - Angel 34 Lehahiah


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To obey... makes you tremble... But why? But why? You feel under pressure from authority, and this causes you to rebel? Are you tired of being harassed by a dictator who sometimes takes the form of your boss, your spouse, or teenage tantrums? Do you get angry and lose control of your aggression, caused by the stress of all your responsibilities? Do you have memories of forced and suppressed obedience? Are you with people whose ability to question themselves is close to zero? Life is sometimes intense, don't you think?

If these questions speak to you... then this conference is for you...

Nils Delmonico welcomes you with his calm inner strength for this live lecture on Angel 34 Lehahiah. He will explain, through concrete and symbolic examples, how to understand true obedience - to whom, to what? A well exercised authority that knows how to code consciousness in an evolutionary and autonomous way. He also explains in depth the impact of the collective on our memories, which can generate hidden frustrations and conflicts with all forms of hierarchy.

Discover how to make the qualities of Lehahiah, one of the 72 angels of traditional angelology, your own.

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