What is the Origin of The Traditional Study of Angels ?

In our Christian, Jewish and Muslim tradition, we have only learned and heard a few Names most of the times, but in reality there are 72 Angels and 10 Archangels that represent the origin of the Angels. The true origin comes from The Traditional Study of Angels - Angelology and is dated from the epoch of Moses. In the Ancient texts of our common Judeo-Christian heritage, the Angels are the 72 Facets of the Creator. When we manage to rediscover Them and to reintegrate Them in their Essence, we then attain great States of Consciousness, happiness and bliss. This constitutes a long journey but it is our only reason for being here on Earth: to become a better person.

The Angel is pure Energy. But as humans, we are in apprenticeship and we don’t have a proper understanding of the Energy of God and we use it sometimes badly. We distort the Essential Aspects of the Creator. This gives rise to our faults and weaknesses, in other words, the distortions associated with each Angel. The fact remains, however, that these Essences reside within everyone, whether or not we know the Names of the Angels.

As recorded in The Traditional Study of Angels - Angelology, each Essence has a Hebrew name and a vibration. When we pronounce this sacred Name aloud or in silence, it sets off a vibratory echo that acts directly on our cellular memory. Thus, we connect with the immense Field of Consciousness designated by the Sacred Name. A number is also attributed to each Angel, positioning It in the Celestial Hierarchy. Over time, the high levels of Consciousness that we attain give us wings: so we start to dream. 

From its origins to today... 

The origin of the 72 Angels of the Traditional Study of Angels is one of the greatest mysteries that goes back as far as the time of Moses. In the Jewish, Christian and Muslim oral tradition, it was reported that 72 Angels were in actual fact the hidden treasure of the mysterious Ark of the Covenant. This Ark was said to be the symbolic representation of the most important secret ever revealed to humanity, i.e. Knowledge of the 72 Angelic Powers. When the Jews and Christians were expelled from Jerusalem during the Roman empire, in the first century, this original Knowledge is said to have been transferred to Girona, in Spain.

During the following 14 centuries, initiates who had taken refuge in the Catalan region, applied Angel Work to every aspect of their lives. The social and governmental structure of this community, as well as people's private, personal lives were founded on the Powers of the 72 Angels and The Tree of Life.

In the Middle Ages, during the Inquisition, the initiates of this period were expelled once again and forced to convert to Catholicism or be killed.

In 1975, the manuscripts that had been walled up for over 500 years were found in the Spanish town of Girona. These documents relate the true story of this line of initiates whose way of living was based on initiatic work with the Power of the Angels.

The 72 Angels of the Traditional Study of Angels - Angelology are an ancestral Tradition. It is interesting to learn that the first written forms of this Tradition appeared in the Middle Ages. These texts, whose source came from the Work of the initiates of Girona, were made known by certain mystic orders of that time. The initiates of Girona influenced this region of Europe and also inspired the Cathars.

This Teaching was at the heart of great controversy and for its protection, its origin was kept secret. Hence, it lasted through the centuries and is to be found more alive than ever in the heart of our modern era. In certain ancient writings of the Templars and Free-Masons, there are references to the Powers of 72 Angels. Used in the form of prayer and invocation, these texts already revealed the mysterious Power of the Sacred Names of the Angels.

The re-emergence of the manuscripts in 1975

Today we understand that the difficult journey of the Traditional Study of Angels was planned by Heaven, as it were, so as to preserve this Teaching and to keep it free from all dogma or religious indoctrination. Millions of people throughout the world are currently living their lives in accordance with this initiatic philosophy. This philosophy is generating a new current of thought, a new paradigm that will inspire the lives of future generations.

When we visit Girona today, it is difficult to imagine that an entire district of the town was hidden and forgotten for over 500 years, as though it had never existed, as though nothing had happened. The families who discovered the texts in the walled-up district, and who began to decode them, were themselves descendants of those initiates forced to convert to Catholicism. From generation to generation, they had transmitted the rudiments of the ancient Knowledge to their children. In one of the families' apartments, a map was found engraved on stone. The map indicated that there was something hidden in the walled-up district. Children found the texts in stages and brought them out of their hiding-place unknown to the town's inhabitants. Like a protection code, the texts of this buried treasure were simultaneously written in Catalan, Spanish and Hebrew so as to preserve the secret of their mystical contents. The families had no idea how important these discoveries would one day be for all humanity.

In the 20s and 30s, Spain was a country where what mustn't be spoken of, didn't exist, so the families decided not to reveal their discovery. The years went by and their children grew up. It was only after the war and the Franco era that, in the 70s, they, now retired adults, dedicated themselves to revealing what they had found.

The first person to dedicate himself to this task, used his personal savings and the help of his friends, to buy part of the old district and to renovate it, to transform it into a meeting place to share and talk about the Angel Study texts. He moved heaven and earth to inform Jews, Christians, Muslims in California and Israel. He drew the attention of the international community to the discovery of these ancient, sacred texts that revealed the very powerful teachings of the Angels.

Many years ago, authors Kaya and Christiane Muller - co-founders of Universe/City Mikaël (UCM) Publishing, an organization devoted to broadcasting the Knowledge of the Traditional Study of Angels­ - followed a dream asking them to go to Girona, in Spain for an important encounter. A few days after Kaya had received this dream, without knowing who they'd encounter nor when such an encounter would take place, the couple set off for Girona, the town where the ancient texts on the Traditional Study of Angels had been discovered. Their expedition was going to serve as a validation by Heaven, as it were, for their Mission, which is to make the Traditional Study of Angels known worldwide. Guided by this revealing dream, they flew from Canada to Europe and set off in a camper van. On approaching the ancient city, they decided to spend the night on a mountain called the Angels' mountain, before visiting the town the following day. During the night, Kaya received another dream: He saw himself and his wife, Christiane, in the town of Girona where they meet a woman wearing ancient symbols, who gives them a gold key.  On awakening, he shared his dream with his wife and they set out to visit the old town.

As soon as they arrived, they had a very strong feeling of déjà-vu. Kaya had a feeling he should ask for a tour guide, something he'd never done before on his numerous travels. They went to a tourist agency and requested a guide. Their visit was easily booked for 1pm and, right on time, a lady introduced herself. Kaya was touched! It was the lady in his dream who had given him a gold key ! Used to working with symbolism, Kaya remained discreet about the fact that he'd dreamed about her, especially as he'd never seen her before in his life.

During the guided tour, which went off perfectly normally, Kaya and Christiane asked her if she knew or had heard of the Traditional Study of Angels - Angelology. "Vaguely..."she replied, suggesting that the people in the old museum in the Call could possibly tell them more about the subject. She continued the visit, talking about the architecture of Girona, and although it was all very interesting from a cultural and historic point of view, Kaya and Christiane really wanted to know more about the discovery of the original whereabouts of the Angel manuscripts. Bearing in mind his dream, Kaya gently asked the lady guide if she knew anyone who could tell them about the discovery of the texts. Once again, she said no and added that they'd soon be at the museum where they'd surely be able to find some mention of the texts in its library. The guide probably intuitively realized that a detailed guided tour of the town didn't really interest them and that it was better to cut short the visit and go straight to the museum. They spent some time in the museum, but there was no trace of the manuscripts, except for the presence of an old man who had a little shop there and who was very uneasy when Kaya asked him for information about the texts on the Traditional Study of Angels that had been discovered in Girona. The couple felt something wasn't being said, that the man knew more, but he didn't wish to reveal anything. After leaving the museum, as they continued their visit of the old town, at one point, the guide mentioned that there was garden in Girona called The Angels' Garden. She asked them if they wanted to go there, although it was right at the other end of town. As happy as children, Kaya and Christiane immediately said yes, they'd like to visit the garden.

The garden was situated near the ramparts of the old Roman city of the 1st century. Going though the Angel gate, the couple were very moved and joyful. The Names of the 72 Angels had been engraved in commemoration on copper plates embedded in stone. They were so happy...But the magic didn't stop there! Seeing how delighted they were to discover the Angels' Names, the guide asked them, "Would you like to meet the person who created this garden? I think I know someone who knows him. I can phone and see if you like." Just then, the couple felt the materialization of Kaya's dream was coming to pass, the gold key was being handed to them...The guide took out her cell phone, made a few calls and very quickly managed to reach the man in question, who readily agreed to meet the travelers who were so interested in Angels. The meeting was arranged for 11 o' clock the following morning, at his home.

The tour guide told the couple that this man was very old, that he was a Catalan poet, and also the former owner of the place where the Call museum is presently situated. She explained that she herself didn't know the man, but she'd heard rumors that, in the past, there'd been problems with the place, that there had been some controversy about it, but that was all she knew. Through this magical encounter, Kaya and Christiane added another page to their extraordinary life-experience that they share in the volumes of their work, The Book of Angels, which is a unique account of a way of life guided by work with the Angels, signs and dreams. The following morning, as arranged, Kaya and Christiane Muller met this man in his home in Figueras. And yes, indeed, he turned out to be one of the discoverers of the ancient manuscripts.

During the week they spent together, this man gave them a detailed account of the events that turned his world upside down. He confided in them, "I didn't work with the Angels as you do. If only I'd known! I was so exalted and so busy revealing the texts that I worked at this nonstop. I understand that it wasn't my destiny to reveal them." Despite his great old age and his white hair and mustache, this solid, luminous man was very happy to hear that the Teaching of the Angels was being reborn, and that what he had accomplished would serve future generations in a form that has been updated for the modern world.

As for his two guests, they engraved what this man shared with them, in their memory forever. At the time of this encounter, Kaya and Christiane hadn't yet founded Universe/City Mikaël, which is a publishing house and a non-profit organization devoted to making the Traditional Study of Angels - Angelology known throughout the world. At that time, they hadn't yet written all their books on practical work with Angels, dreams and signs, which are available in several languages worldwide today. They had only published their first book and produced a few meditation CDs based on their experiences with the Names of Angels used like mantras. Their host was deeply moved and shed a few tears of joy as he listened to Kaya and Christiane. They told him how people of all nationalities, Christians, Jewishs, Muslims, including children, recited the Names of Angels today and that Work with Angelic States of Consciousness helps them acquire spiritual autonomy. This man was very moved, because the accomplishment of his role in the Divine Plan hadn't been easy. In fact, the resurrection of the manuscripts had been very troubling for his family.

In 1975, many influential people of Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities had been contacted. Consequently, more and more people flocked to Girona to see these amazing discoveries. The more interest grew, the more the townspeople wondered what was going to happen.  Full-page headlines appeared in the newspapers, " Millions to be invested to make Girona known." Enthusiastically, in childlike naivety, this man talked about the discoveries to anyone and everyone. But funds were late in coming and he lost his entire fortune and was expelled from the place. Today that place is a museum that was taken over by a foundation along with the University of Tel-Aviv.

As for the man, he found himself humiliated before the whole town, excluded and penniless. A few years later, he was given a plot of land to make The Angels' Garden. It still exists today and is open to the public. But it is a lifeless place, defiled by people who tore down and stole nearly all the copper plates with the Angels' Names engraved on them in both Hebrew and Catalan.

One day, when it has the necessary funds for a project of this extent, the organization Universe/City Mikaël will come back to Gerona to re-deposit there the texts on the 72 Angels, a Treasure for Humanity and future generations.