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Emeline, whose mother is Thai and father French, was born near Paris, France. She enjoyed a simple childhood and adolescence, and always loved learning and studying. In addition to her academic background, she received a musical education, to which she devoted a lot of her time. This helped her develop qualities of perseverance and discipline. Thanks to her father's work, in her early childhood, she also had the opportunity to visit countries such as India, China, Indonesia and the United States. This early contact with very different cultures and lifestyles helped develop her capacity to feel at home wherever she is. 

In her late teens, deep questions about the mechanisms of thought and consciousness emerged... She consequently turned toward studies in cognitive neuroscience research at the Paris Descartes University, where she discovered research on brain plasticity. This amazing faculty of the brain to be able to continually change its structure throughout our entire lifetime helped her to better understand the infinite possibilities of the evolution of human consciousness, both positively and negatively... She then completed her studies in health psychology where she qualified as a psychologist.

She joined the DSSI Training in 2015 to continue to deepen the mechanisms of consciousness through the study of symbolic language and dreams. This learning enabled her to get to know herself and others better, and hence bring more harmony into all spheres of her life. During this training, she also met her husband. Their deeply shared interest in the study of symbols, dreams and signs naturally led them to become involved in several projects of the UCM Teaching & Research Center; their wish is to transmit this knowledge to as many people as possible, hoping that it will help others as much as it has helped them.