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Did I make the right choice?

Did I make the right choice, or will I regret it later? Did I really make this choice "in good conscience"? Or is there something else that influenced me? Something external? A situation? A person? Or something inside me...? Unconscious forces? How to make the right choices in a world where everything changes so fast?... How to find peace with our decisions of yesterday, when they affect our life today... Sometimes for good, sometimes for bad... And what about the future? Can we improve or even change the way we make choices?

Did I make the right choice?

Have you ever wondered about the rightness of a choice you made at a given moment in your day, for your life as a couple, for those around you, or in your work?

This choice, which may have had positive and lasting effects or negative and limiting effects on your environment, a person or a situation, then leads you to question yourself... And this questioning translates into the activation of an intelligence of consciousness within you.

When it is done with humility, self-reflection and depth, this questioning demonstrates a spiritual force, an evolutionary force that is able to evaluate and adjust. This inner mechanism is important to build so that the future choices you will make will be better, more intuitive, obvious, less full of doubts, insecurities or overconfidence, materialism.

"Deciding", "making a choice" is a responsibility that should be done in accordance with our values and spiritual strength.

The Qualities with the parameters of the moment

The evaluationof the rightness of a choice must be made with a global vision, with perspective, with a greatness of mind and soul, as much on the origins of this choice as on its consequences. Every choice is important, and can have consequences on our environment, we know that.

At the moment " t " a choice is made. It must require reflection, intuition and concentration so that it can be as accurate as possible in the conditions of the moment, whether it is with regard to a person or a situation. The conditions of the moment are there, in the present moment, and we adapt to them to make the best possible choice. Everything may not be perfect, so it is a matter of welcoming this moment as the best one, understanding that we have everything we need to make our choice, without telling ourselves that it would have been better otherwise. To be in this moment, with detachment, is also to take responsibility as an actor of our Life to materialize.

The Qualities are absolute, constant, unchangeable, whether we are making a simple choice that has little impact on our lives, or whether we are making a choice that will change our future forever. What will change the scope is the power of the intention (the kawana). It will increase the strength of these Qualities and keep away the wind of doubt, the tremor of fear, the shiver of instability. The choice made will be conscious, qualitative and responsible.

Questioning Life as much as oneself

If we think about it, questioning Life and the Universe about the rightness of our choice for each daily decision and imagining to wait passively for a "green light" to execute it, it doesn't seem very practical concretely....

However, for important choices that can change a whole life, it should be necessary... And there is an absolute tool that completes the application of the Qualities we talked about before. This tool is Guidance; a term inspired by the "Guide" that will show us the first steps to take, and in what direction, to make the best possible choice at the given moment.

To access this Guidance, this symbolic and real Truth at the same time, which is offered to us through dreams and meditation, it is necessary to cultivate humility, self-reflection, wisdom and neutrality. We start to question the Universe on what touches us deep inside at this moment...

"Is this the right person for the evolution of my soul, is it right to marry him?"... "At my age, is it right for the evolution of my soul to have a child with my husband whom I love so much? After so many years of silence, of introspection, is it right for the evolution of my soul to reconnect with my parents?

This guidance is at the heart of the Knowledge practiced with dreams, signs and symbols. It teaches us to be receptive, to respect what is right for our evolution, to materialize this choice as a responsible person. Naturally, in order to be guided and to understand the codes of dreams, it is necessary to work on one's unconscious attachments, fears, and needs, in order to be able to have a neutral and objective attitude.

Access to the Guide is gradual and allows, with time, combined with the development of the Qualities, to find answers to deep questioning and solutions to dead ends. It thus allows one to make new choices, with new perspectives. It is like a reconstruction that is programmed in respect of the moment.

It is important to question ourselves internally, our attitudes, our decisions... and it is also important to know how to question what surrounds us, to evaluate Life, the choices of society by discerning the strengths and weaknesses. Questioning Life allows for the opening, learning and the acceleration of consciousness. This allows us to always make better choices with time.

Everything is evolution

What is important to keep in mind is that each choice is made according to the Qualities of the moment, and many parameters over which we have no control. By receiving the Guidance, it is possible to materialize a choice. But this choice is not immutable, it will evolve in the course of time, through other choices, other decisions that you will make, and that the community will make around you.

This choice of the moment " t ", accompanied and guided by the Qualities you possess, will perhaps not be the same at the moment " t - 6 " or " t + 45 ". The evolution of our consciousness is intrinsically linked to the way we question ourselves, and it is so important to nourish this evolution in order to feel and live the dynamics of Life within.

Sometimes, life can seem superficial when we don't question ourselves when we do something wrong, when we don't realize that a word was hurtful, when we don't find in ourselves the humility to apologize to our wife or husband... When we do not develop our intelligence by questioning Life, when we do not have the faith to pray when we feel deprived, or when we have not learned to cry when we are touched by the words of love of our child... Then the choices we make may seem insipid, without flavor for the life we create through these same choices... Because by our choices and our lack of choices, we create that...

Today's society is very active, dimensioned. It offers us many opportunities. The sense of decision, of responsibility in a choice sometimes loses its value, because everything is so accessible, so available, that the collective intelligence can trivialize the moral sense that makes one choice right and another not.

In order not to feel lost in this effervescence of possibilities and acceleration of societies, there are Keys...

The Keys of today and tomorrow

I regularly ask myself the question of the rightness of my choices, whether they are important or not, linked to the past or to the future, to create a dimensional, dynamic, evolving life...

This life, I want it to teach me continuously to adjust myself, to complete my spiritual Knowledge and my strength of materialization, to develop my faith to become a being connected to his Spirituality, because I recognize myself fully in it.

By being able to look inside yourself, to feel your emotions, your disturbances, to question the scope of your choice, by showing humility and detachment, you will develop your spiritual powers and learn to use them wisely... You will understand guidance through the analysis of your dreams. You will deepen your faith through prayer and mantra.

These are the Keys of today to build with Wisdom the decisions of tomorrow towards a modern, responsible and spiritual world. Continue to question yourself, to be responsible in your choices, continue to believe in yourself and in the future, to do better today than yesterday.