UCM Teaching & Research Center (India) presents a free Online International Event with world-renowned experts on Dreams-Signs-Symbols Interpretation: Professors Kaya & Christiane Muller, and International experts on Past Life Regression & Inner Child Dr. Newton Kondaveti & Dr. Lakshmi, and many other international experts.

26th - 27th June | 3rd - 4th July (Weekends)

In these times of ordeals & turbulences, we seek inner strength and courage. It is the 'spirit' within us which gives inner strength through profound knowledge to face the world of actions with real understanding. Only knowledge can help us to access & activate pure qualities in us. It gives us the codes to understand the meaning of everything that is happening in life at our personal & collective level.

We invite you to join us for these unique conferences over 2 weekends, seats are limited and therefore, on registration basis. Click here for free registration


26th June, Saturday (Day 1) Kaya & Christiane (Canada – Switzerland) It's time to be spiritual
Dr Newton & Dr Lakshmi (India) Breaking free from victim-perpetrator lifetimes
Kasara The Power of Angelica Mantra & Meditation
27th June, Sunday (Day 2) Anthony & Kasara (France - Canada) When you pray, move your feet..how to be spiritual in modern times
Alexis & Emeline Mercier (Belgium – Thailand) The ups & down of a spiritual path
Meditation with Dr. Lakshmi ( India)
3rd July, Saturday (Day 3) Eloi & Sophie Delmonico (Switzerland – France) Living with Dreams
Ân NGUYen & Linh Phan (Vietnam – Belgium) changing my life for love
Meditation with Christiane muller (canada)

4th July, Sunday (Day 4) Jean-Nicolas Ligondé & Isabelle Marcil (Canada) inner and outer nutirtion
Santhosh & Haritha Nayak (India) Nightmares that children receive..what do they mean?
Meditation with haritha
Message from Kaya & Christiane & Dr. Newton & dr. Lakshmi

This event will help you to start finding the right balance and live your life the right way. Please share it with all your loved ones whom you feel needs inner support now.

These events will be streamed LIVE in English and is open to people around the world. Together we will explore and uncover our inner treasures.

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