Claire, who works as assistant teacher at the Universe/City Mikaël Teaching and Research Center, and also as nurse, is now part of the pillars and principal organizers of UCM in many countries in the world, and inspires with her devotion and knowledge of multi-dimensions of consciousness. She worked as a nurse in a psychiatric service for a few years, and was really touched by the lack of resources, knowledge and deep understanding of mental illnesses. After discovering the teachings and researches of UCM about symbolic language, this approach will bring her an understanding beyond words and actual basis of medical systems and healthcare. Today, her knowledge of consciousness, dream interpretation and symbolic language made her one of the experts of this avant-garde domain, and she is currently finishing her DSSI License to become a certified teacher.

For her, working as nurse has always been a mission of service to help others and put in practice her personal development and deep medical knowledge. It represented a key for her destiny, and in the will to heal herself, evolve and develop her physical and metaphysical consciousness.

The teachings she receives through her daily dreams and signs are based on a great logic, and help her to marry spirit and matter in a concrete and metaphysical way. Claire always wished to develop symbolic knowledge to discover the real meaning of her life and to transcend the illusions of appearances, this is why she chose to invest all her heart in the DSSI program offered by the UCM association to become an expert in this domain that has always fascinated her. A profound solidity and peace emerge in her when she analyses, understands or explains a dream. She is part of principal assistants at the UCM Research center, and this Mission is a true daily vocation for her.

The depth of symbolic language is now like a library of knowledge inside of her, that grows every day through every dream analysis and revision she is involved in. This teaching that changed her life deeply represents a revelation, with its accessibility and universality, that led her to really develop spiritual autonomy.

Claire is now an ambassador of the DSSI program, as she personally discovered a support and a wonderful mutual aid through interactions between teachers and students, and the weekly evaluation and revisions of dream journals, which is a true springboard of evolution that allows to understand ourselves better to integrate this knowledge of the symbolic language.

Every week, she is now taking part as an assistant teacher to this great and beautiful mission with all her heart, bringing support to the DSSI program teachers for the revision of assignments and dream journals of students. She is now an expert in Angelica Yoga, that she practiced for many years with her husband Thibaut. Together, they built an affective and couple life in the heart of multi-dimensional understandings in the development of their consciousness, and they happily help and involve themselves in the UCM Association. Their participation to the Angelica Yoga video project is a wonderful source of angelic inspiration and incarnated knowledge. They both became, through their great inner work, living examples of what the study of consciousness and multi-dimensions of existence can create within us.