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featured image blog - what is an Angel
Most people who think of a guardian angel imagine a being with big wings coming from Heaven to watch over our well-being, protecting us with benevolence and love in our daily life. They are not wrong, except that the wings of the guardian angel are to be understood in terms of a symbol, in a dimension representing dreams, the powers of consciousness and the unconscious, in terms of the state of consciousness and potential present within ourselves.

What is a guardian angel ? It is above all an ancient symbol that represents the state of consciousness in which Man finds himself once his distortions have been transcended, thanks to the cleansing of his unconscious memories.

Helping others is a divine act

The human being then lives in the Qualities, with his "wings", a newfound freedom, a state of lightness through his ability to travel in the multi-dimensions of his consciousness, of the Universe, notably through his dreams. And there, at that moment, yes he can become an angel guardian, help others in dreams, in parallel dimensions, and even via meditation.

The 72 Angels

There are 72 angels or Divine States of Consciousness that one can invoke to become a guardian angel, thus concentrating in oneself a ray of specific Qualities, a Talent, a Knowledge, a high Love, a deep Wisdom. The human being exists in a way to become a guardian angel, a spiritual being who can help, support, inspire, heal, etc.

To achieve this, he must develop his talents, his altruistic powers, and learn to manifest his full divine potential. To each angelic quality corresponds a human distortion, an opposite, a defect, a behavior created by Man through his experimentation which sometimes can be ignorant, negative, and which leads him to act in an ordinary or unhealthy way in his life, his emotions, and his actions.

If we take the example of the Angel Caliel n°18, we can see that his first Quality, the Energy which characterizes him mainly is that of the Truth. So if a being becomes a lawyer, a policeman who is just, or a person who applies for oneself and one's loved ones, justice, truth, in an honest way, by giving good, true, enlightened advice, at that moment he becomes a guardian angel by his radiance and what he is.

Of course, the Angelic State of Consciousness applied is at this moment out of the ordinary, a justice, a truth, of the highest levels for oneself and for others. The angelic dimension is the ultimate self-realization. When we reach it, it presents itself, not only in reality via our character and our actions, but also in dreams. We can learn in dreams, as well as in reality, what divine justice is.

And this is the objective to be reached by working with the 72 Angels: become a better person, a guardian angel yourself.

This is of course a great journey that is represented in several traditions such as the symbol of Enlightenment, the state of awakening, spiritual and mystical fulfillment.

Learning to become better

The human being learns throughout his life, and well beyond, to reach this ultimate state of being, and thus experiments, seeks, improves every day to get there. But when the human being negatively experiences this angelic state of consciousness of truth, of justice, he creates the human distortion of falsehood, injustice, dishonesty, and thus creates all sorts of problems in his life to learn the Divine Qualities, the highest level of existence and spirituality.

Truth, justice, the application of the integration of the Qualities of the Angel 18 Caliel, can also be experienced in various and subtle ways; both qualitatively and distorted. For example, did I tell the truth when this person asked me if I thought her outfit was pretty, or did I leave an over-positive comment on her Facebook photo for fear of losing her friendship? Do I say I love my work with sincerity, or do I motivate myself in this way to reassure myself, making up for my insecurities? Sometimes a lie manifests itself in very subtle ways and teaches us unconscious ways of functioning that can influence the whole of who we are.

what is a guardian angel?

Do the mantra with the name of an Angel

By invoking the Angel, we transform these attitudes that are detrimental to us, we become aware of them in our dreams and through our realities, and we gradually regain our full positive potential through the development of our qualities and our spiritual, evolved dimension.

The more we study consciousness, the more we discover our unconscious memories via our dreams, the more we realize that dreams are worlds of truth, of evolution, of transformation, if we use them and analyze them in depth.

A Quality essential to our evolution... a life plan in itself 🌟

Our 3 birth angels

When we are born, goals or qualities are programmed into us so that we can become them, apply them, learn from them. The Angelic States of Consciousness must also be seen as related to our life plan. Thus, symbolically we have 3 birth angels or Guardian Angels, which are objectives to be reached and which will generate multiple situations to understand and lead us to become its Divine Qualities, and thus to become oneself one day a spiritual being, a Guardian Angel.

The 3 Angels linked to our date of birth must be seen in a general way, because we also have within us all 72 Angels in terms of consciousness, of qualitative structures, being part of us, of who we are, and linking us to the Universal Consciousness.

Sometimes our birth Angels can also be the representation of what we need to improve in ourselves in this life; they can be the positive to develop to transform our weaknesses, our main human distortions, that we have to rectify in our life, through the development of the pure Qualities that correspond to them.

It is recommended to see our 3 birth Angel and those of others, as representative of main aspects of our personality, as our ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving. It is fascinating to know our birth Angels; the 72 Angels are very ancient knowledge and represent a set of Qualities, Talents, which are also interconnected, interfering with each other. It is fascinating to know one's birth Angels; the 72 Angels are a very ancient knowledge and represent a set of Qualities, Talents, that we have to develop progressively and that are also interconnected, interfused, and not divided.

We can thus understand that in the Work (Angel 36 Menadel), there is Motivation (Angel 45 Sealiah). The two Qualities or Fields of Consciousness, are presented individually but are simultaneously One; hence the understanding of what is the Universal Consciousness.

Our path is unique

Each human being is unique, with qualities and defects that characterize him or her. We can see this with our close friends and family: for example, with a friend who is very sociable, an excellent communicator, who may even be working in this field, but with an extravagant attitude of always doing too much to draw attention to himself. Or with a very intelligent spouse, who has always been at ease with science, who solves situations and conceptualizes with brilliant logic, and at the same time tends to be overly complicated, in the detail, dry and rigid in his way of doing things.

These specificities are due to our unconscious baggage, which is specific to each of us, and which we can see in a global way through our birth Angels and the objectives represented by the 72 Angels.

Why 3 levels of manifestation?

Because they correspond to each plane of our being:

  • The physical plane, which corresponds to our concrete actions, how we manifest ourselves on a daily basis, how we act.
  • The emotional plane, which corresponds to our emotions, how we feel, our feelings.
  • The intellectual plane, which corresponds to our thoughts, our mind, our concepts.

You can discover the Angels according to their plans of manifestation with the Angelic Calendars of the 72 Angels

Our Guardian Angels (or birth angels) represent who we are in the broadest sense, the main framework, the plan of what we have to develop in order to manifest ourselves in the most beautiful and right way, in deep agreement with ourselves in our life.

To become aware of our goal of becoming a guardian angel is to better understand the meaning of life... The improvements to be made in our personality, our aspirations, our motivations, and more deeply, in our Life plan.

To find out which are your 3 birth angels (our 3 Guardian Angels), you can go to the page Find your birth angels.

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