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Servebolt is a high-performance, top-tier managed hosting solution that focuses on scalability and security.

Migrate to Servebolt, or try it for free, and experience loading speeds you've never seen before.


Ultra-fast hosting without complexity
Modern, lean and optimized

While others are trying to add more components to their hosting to make it faster, we decided to build our fast hosting cloud from the ground up. We did this by eliminating everything we knew was dead weight.

Our hosting is surprisingly fast, without the use of complicated HTML caching strategies, in-memory caching, etc. Instead, our platform ensures that cached and uncached requests are immediate.

And of course, this also applies to the back-end.

Performance matters

Performance is important to your users and customers. A fast website generates more money, reduces bounce rate, generates more clicks, ensures higher rankings in organic searches, increases conversions and is a key factor in ensuring users come back. Again and again.

Servebolt hosting is managed at 100%

There is no reason to spend your web developers' time managing servers. That's what we know how to do, and why we only provide managed hosting.

Servebolt's managed hosting allows developers and teams to focus at 100% on development. We take care of server updates, optimization, security upgrades, patches, handling possible hardware failures, network outages and all other things that may occur.

You and your team can focus on developing the best possible site or store, and make money.

Green accommodation

We believe in a greener future. Servebolt's green hosting offers the fastest and most scalable hosting using the most sustainable and optimized energy possible. Super green hosting.

Fast and efficient
Low carbon footprint
Renewable energy

Find out why Servebolt is the fastest

Your site's performance is the first thing people notice before anything else. Based on the initial experience, your visitors decide to stay or leave your site, regardless of its unique proposition.

Servebolt's unique approach allows your sites to serve fast web pages without adding complexities. We have strategically built our hosting cloud from the ground up with a focus on raw performance that is not dependent on a single element but rather a number of optimizations spread across our hosting environment.

This not only ensures the consistent raw performance you get right out of the box, but also makes your site reliable and durable.

Here is an overview of how Servebolt is faster for each visitor landing on your site:

Faster TTFB

Time to First Byte (TTFB) is the time in which the browser receives the response to the very first request processed by the server. The TTFB is what gives the first impression of your online store and therefore must be fast. Servebolt reduces TTFB by reducing unnecessary database requests, optimizing PHP code processing, using intelligent HTML caching, and many other server-level customizations.

Faster transfer on the network

The data travels back and forth over the network between the server and your site or store. If the distance is greater and the data packet is larger, it will take longer to get from one place to another. This is commonly known as latency. Servebolt solves the latency problem by supporting HTTP/2 and offers Accelerated Domains to leverage its vast network of CDNs to reduce the latency of static resources.

Faster browser rendering

The rendering of the browser depends mainly on the quality of the code and the specifications of the user's device. Servebolt hosting minimizes the workload by optimizing the resources that the browser has to render. In addition, the faster server response time and low latency improves the overall experience, which has a positive impact on the browser rendering.

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