• Banniere Caroline Chabot Assistante Professeure UCM

I’m the eldest in a family of 3 children, my two brothers and me. Family values have always been important to us and even today there is beautiful family harmony. In my childhood and early teens, my father’s job involved our frequently moving, so at an early age, I learnt to adapt and feel at ease in my new surroundings. This continues to help me today since my husband’s work leads us to live in different places in Canada.

When I was young, I was shy and very reserved. I also remember being very much an observer; I used to ask myself so many questions and there were times I felt very different from other people.

I studied in the health field and worked as a dental hygienist for 28 years. I mostly worked in the public sector, in primary schools, where I liked doing prevention work.

I loved the contact I had with the children; I felt they were so authentic and spontaneous, and it was easy for me to work with them. I particularly liked working in underprivileged schools in disadvantaged areas, where the socio-economic level was low. I was always surprised to see the poverty – on all levels –, and it made me want to help the children even more.

Over time, I became skilled in applying dental sealants and had the privilege of being a member of a training team, whose mission was to train dental hygienists in the public sector throughout Quebec. I really enjoyed this period, because I liked meeting people, helping them to develop their potential and giving them self-confidence; in short, I discovered that I liked teaching.

Toward the age of 28, my younger brother (there’s a 10  year gap between us), opened me to spirituality, and I began to take more of an interest when expecting my 2nd child. I found it fascinating; it was as if another universe opened for me. After reading several books by various authors, I followed courses on polarity, reiki, Qi Cong and Tai Chi.   

As spirituality was not part of my husband’s program, we got divorced, and my quest then became deeper and more and more intense. In 1999, life carefully orchestrated my encounter with The Traditional Study of Angels (Traditional Angelology) via a friend. While working with the Angel Energies, I gradually discovered the extraordinary grandeur and logic of this Teaching. For the first time regarding spirituality, not only did I rediscover profound, logical Knowledge, but also the ‘tools’ to help heal our memories and discover our potential. It was tangible, concrete... applicable, which was important for me.

In Traditional Angelology, there is no such thing as coincidence; everything has its rightful place and reason for existing. It was as though I’d found a foundation, a structure, which I’d been seeking for a very long time and which I needed so much.

Today, this Teaching has become a way of life for me, Not only does it provide me with answers to my questions, but also tangibles means to heal my soul and have access to lasting happiness.

I began as a part-time volunteer for UCM in 2004, and since 2015, I’ve been a full-time volunteer. I take part on various projects that lead me to the very heart of Knowledge, where I continue to know myself in more and more depth, while helping this mission with all my heart.

Since meeting my 2nd husband through dreams and signs, we walk the spiritual path  of Life hand in hand, analyzing our dreams and signs, which guide our evolution, on the personal and couple levels, as we continue improving ourselves to become better people, better souls.

This Teaching is a gift from Heaven.