• Banniere Assistante Professeure UCM Blanaid Rensch

Born and happily raised in Northern Ireland, in a family of 7 children, after very successfully completing her university degrees in English, French and Education at Trinity College, Dublin (Ireland), Blánaid accepted a teaching post in Switzerland, where she settled, married and raised a family; she continues to teach English in a Senior High School there today.

After realizing all her childhood dreams – marrying a good man, founding and raising a happy, healthy family, finding work that enabled her to easily combine life as a loving, attentive wife and mother with a worthwhile career, she found herself at the age of 40, wondering what could enlighten her daily life that had become rather routine. She felt a slight dissatisfaction now that her dreams had been fulfilled and she wondered, what next? She began to deeply reflect and ponder what Life was all about. There had to be deep meaning, a profound goal to our existence, hadn’t there?

The absolute certainty of the reality of a Higher Force had been intensely awakened at the birth of each of her two sons, and after several years experimenting in matter, she felt a call to rediscover this Connection. Organized religion didn’t hold the answer for her; however, she felt very grateful for all she had learned therein. The multitude of books read and the various lectures attended, although useful, only provided short term effects; they were neither deep enough, nor practical or logical enough to satisfy her thirst for sustainable, long term Truth.

Then followed a meditative period in her life, where she spent a lot of time alone, going for long walks in the woods, repeatedly requesting an answer to her search for the true meaning, for the profound purpose of Life. It was then that she encountered the Teachings of the Traditional Study of Angels. Through a program of lectures, including one given by Christiane  Muller, received in the post, in October, 2003, Up Above answered Blánaid’s question by introducing her to this practical, logical, life-changing, life-enhancing philosophy.

A little reticent at first, Blánaid remained open and after reading the first Book of Angels, she attended a lecture and discovered a Teaching that proposed autonomy… a Teaching that showed people how to unfurl their wings and fly by themselves… a Teaching that opened her horizons onto the vast potentialities of human evolution… a Teaching that spoke quietly but profoundly to her deepest depths, to her very soul… 

She decided to put into practice intense Angel Mantra recitation and indeed, not only did she dream more often, she also remembered them in detail. Gradually, she discovered the Source Code of Life and the treasures of symbolic language and the world of dreams, signs & symbols, along with the true meaning and purpose of Life on Earth: to develop qualities and virtues, to evolve and become a better person. It felt as though all of her past knowledge and experience now fused into this profound, yet practical Teaching. Blánaid felt she’d found her spiritual home.

To express her gratitude to Kaya and Christiane Muller for their wonderful, generous Teaching, she offered to translate their work into her mother tongue, English. Hence began a wonderful adventure as a UCM team member, one that has led and continues to lead her to ever deeper learning and understanding. Every day is filled with new discoveries about herself… about Life…

Blánaid successfully completed UCM’s DSSI Therapist Degree Course in 2018 and is currently enrolled in the DSSI Expertise Training. She is deeply happy to serve as an assistant professor and continues to enjoy the privilege and honor of translating this Teaching, which has so profoundly improved and enhanced her own life in so many ways.