PROFESSOR Régine thomas

Born in Grenoble, Régine grew up in the mountains in the South West of France. As a child, spirituality was already part of her daily life. Her faith and love for inner evolution have always helped give her strength during difficult times. Her deep desire to become a better person and to understand the meaning of life naturally led her to meditate each day. Any inspiring, enriching conversations she had about this were with her young aunt, who radiated great joie de vivre, and who manifested beautiful qualities such as kindness, patience, listening to others, devotion, and love. She was a beautiful good example for Régine, and to this day, she remains a source of spiritual inspiration for her.  

Music became part of her life at the age of 7. She worked so intensely that she very soon became a gifted pupil of classical guitare, and later went on to give concerts.  

As an adult, Régine continued her spiritual quest and inner research. Her desire to help and serve led her to voluntary work for charities such as Restaurants du Coeur. Then, among other things, she trained in relational communications and pyschology. Later she graduated from The Institute of Research and Training in Art-Therapy (IRFAT) in Avignon (France). She then gave up giving concerts to devote herself entirely to therapeutic relationships.  

Parallel to this, work on the body was always important in her life. It was mainly yoga, dance, and a dozen years doing martial arts that led Régine to associate work on the body with music in her profession as an art-therapist. For many years, she gave individual classes, workshops and seminars for adults and children. She also organized choreography for innovative shows where she revealed a different aspect of things, including dance, music and poetry associated with karaté.

She says that one of the most beautiful experiences of her life that has been so very deeply rewarding on every level is being the mother of a wonderful young man, Anthony Di Benedetto.

Just before reaching 40, following her signs and dreams, Régine met Patrick, who later became her husband. Shortly after their encounter, they went to a lecture where they discovered Traditional Angelology.  


The discovery of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Symbolic Language are true revelations for them. Pieces of Life’s puzzle come together and there are answers to their questions. It is clear to them that this teaching & philosophy hold the key to understanding the consciousness. They begin to work intensely in their studies, and they receive dreams and extraordinary Teachings through the understanding of signs and symbolic language. This transformation work leads to great revelations and beautiful changes in their life. In their desire to help make known this wonderful Teaching, they wholeheartedly join UCM as fulltime volunteers. And since then, they have dedicated their lives to working with UCM and diffusing this Teaching. Patrick & Régine are at the heart of the most important projects of UCM in terms of organization, management, and creation. They also teach and animate seminars and camps organized by UCM and transmit the principles of Angelica Yoga and Meditation, based on Professors Kaya & Christiane Muller's research work, during their lecture tours and workshops throughout Europe and in Canada. They also present UCM Publishing at different Organic Heath and Well-Being exhibitions in France.

Professors Patrick and Régine Thomas are now writing a book on Symbolic Language and Angelica Meditation, which, on the one hand, explains the benefits of meditation, including scientific discoveries on how meditation affects the brain, helping it greatly develop its capacities; and, on the other hand, they show how meditation associated with the practice of an mantra technique is a powerful evolution tool.

The book will also include simple exercises, suitable for everyone, to accompany Angelica Meditation. Through their lives and example, they share the teachings and benefits that they themselves have experienced and continue to experience in their lives today.