Jean-François Bohémier

Computer engineer, in charge of the UCM website, its update and development; musician and lecturer.

Born in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada in 1972, Jean-François grew up in a spiritual, artistic and scientific background. From early childhood, he learned to play the violin, program computers, and with his parents, he took part in spiritual workshops. His interest in music led him to enroll at the Academy of Music in Trois-Rivières, where he learned to master wind instruments such as the French horn and the saxophone. As soon as the first steps in advanced computing technology were taken, he put the computer to good use as a tool for musical creation, composed award-winning film scores, among other creations. He went on to study computer engineering at the University of Laval where he was involved in the development of various software.

Both his questioning regarding the Human Quest and his missionary soul led him to actively participate in several humanitarian projects such as the Ronde-et-Bleue peace project and the preservation of ancient Tibetan scripts in a monastery in India. His many trips to India reconnected him with the ancient philosophies of Hinduism and Buddhism. In addition to this, he was given the opportunity to meet the Dalai-Lama, an event which led himself and a group of others to found the Paramita Center of Tibetan Buddhism of Quebec.

During one of Kaya and Christiane Muller’s lecture tours, he discovered Traditional Angelology. Although similar to Buddhism, this spiritual path particularly appealed to him as a young father since it values children, the couple, the family, and spiritual autonomy. Very quickly, he became actively involved as a volunteer in the non-profit organization, UCM Publishing.

Today, with his wife, Sonia, and his two daughters, Jean-François regularly travels to inspire people through meditative music workshops featuring the Duduk, one of the oldest instruments that exists in the world. He is now responsible for computer logistics at UCM and he recently launched his own company specializing in the creation of websites and systems: AngeliCodeSolutions Web et TI.


Jean-François with Soumyashree, the first indian employee at UCM India and Bhanu from the coding team of Plus Minus Code :-)  

Jean-François with Vishal (on the left) and Darpan (on the right), two DSSI students :-) 

Angelic gratitude to the wonderful team of Darpan and Kalpana and their associates for the beautiful support to Jean-François Bohémier and his team of computer ingeneers and to the projects of UCM India and ⭐️ Heartfelt thanks to those beautiful people that help with the diffusion of UCM projects in India, Vietnam and all around the world...