From a very early age, Emmanuelle’s greatest joy was drawing and painting and her natural talent led her to study at Art College where she specialized in illustration and comic-strip. Her dream was to one day illustrate a deeply meaningful book that would inspire people. She continued her studies and became an art teacher for children, teenagers and adults.

Alongside her teaching career, her spiritual life grew and intensified and she became interested in different religious, spiritual and esoteric traditions, seeking the answer to her existential questions. One day, thanks to a sky blue book a friend gave her, she found her answers! It was The Book of Angels, The Hidden Secrets by Kaya and Christiane Muller... ‘At last!’ she said to herself, sensing the deep truth in it and discovering the Teachings of Traditional Angelology. Since then, Angel work has been part of her daily life, as has learning symbolic language to interpret her dreams. Finding her own answers and the true meaning of life, her artistic dimension keeps evolving and has been greatly enriched.

In accepting Patrick and Régine’s proposal to illustrate their Angelica Yoga book for young initiates, Emmanuelle can materialize this angelic dimension through her great talent and artistic finesse. The complementarity of her inner and outer work can at last find expression and fulfillment.