Dominique was born on June 8th, in Bordeaux, France. One of his teachers recognized his talent and opened the door to the study of art.  After the School of Art and Design, he went on to study at the School of Fine Arts, where he specialized in painting. Dominique then decided to work in various ‘practical’ jobs so as not to lose touch with concrete, everyday life, while continuing to paint and draw in his free time.

In 1983 he moved to Switzerland where he set up home and founded a family with his wife, Lisa. A few years later, their daughters, Julie and Marion, were born. Various jobs in the field of advertising (decorator, letter-painting, screen printing, graphic designer) allowed Dominique to maintain his freedom of expression; he preferred to remain outside the market of exhibitions and galleries.

In 2001, he decided to set up on his own as an artist and illustrator. He and his wife attended one of Christiane Muller’s lectures. His encounter with The Traditional Study of Angels corresponded to  an important stage in his life. The following years were marked by great inner transformation that prepared him for a great mission: from 2006, for two and a half years, in collaboration with Kaya, he devoted his artistic talent as an illustrator to the creation of a book in the form of a comic strip, that tells the story of the beginnings of The Traditional Study of Angels.

For my personal evolution, Heaven couldn’t have found a better way than this ‘work’ to help me become aware and conscious of everything I experience, feel, think… every day, and all the privileges I receive as well. It is a field of extraordinary experimentation and thus an excellent place to start out and advance spiritually. I hope this book will inspire humanity…

Dominique paints to get closer to the light, and, consequently, God. For him, it is a path to spiritual evolution. The message he’d like to communicate to his students in his art courses, is that in the light, there are other messages beyond visible reality, other dimensions that we should try to perceive and discern. Hence, his paintings invite viewers to visit their inner world and discover their own enigmas and mysteries. For Dominique, the spiritual dimension of art and painting is to aspire to beauty, to purity. He tries to reach this goal by choosing themes, whose symbolism and colors bring the viewer closer to a world of light and spiritual inspiration.