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Are you a benevolent leader or an authoritarian manager?

Have you ever wondered what creates success? Beyond opportunities, background, and the vagaries of life? Because yes, there is a recipe for success... And it is very different from what you might imagine at first. Because true success cannot be built only on the outside, quite the contrary. It must first come from within, from our own inner leadership. The really good news? There are keys to building this within ourselves.

About leadership...

It's not always easy to be a good leader. And leadership and management are two different things. Being a good leader means that we have to be an example of qualities, to be able to "set an example", to inspire our colleagues, friends or even family! Of course, it is not necessary to be perfect immediately... It is a path with many steps and being happy with the journey is an important part of it.

To be a good leader, there are a few aspects that a person must develop. Let's see what these aspects are.

1. You must listen...

Developing your receptivity is the key. Indeed, receptivity helps you to understand the information in the first place, and therefore, to find the right answer, the right decisions to make. This can be true at work, but also in everything you do, in all situations.

Sometimes, as a leader, you don't know all the answers and that's okay. But you should always remain open and listen to what others have to share. If you don't listen enough, you'll miss parts of the big picture, and people may start to see you as a stubborn person and they'll share their ideas less and less, which can also lead to trust issues, etc. But by listening well from the start, you will be able to create a harmonious dynamic wherever you go.

2. Free yourself from what others think of you.

You are not perfect, and this is normal, because the very foundation of life is evolution. If you have altruistic and constructive values, your foundation will be ready for growth. But if you care too much about what others think, you might start to be too kind, for example... And a leader who is too kind might miss important steps along the way and not be able to fulfill his or her mission to also represent a force of justice and authority, or to advocate for his or her company or employees in a resilient and structured way.

3. Lead by example.

By multiplying good examples, you build trust. With trust, people will follow you. One day, when you have been a good example many times, people will naturally listen to you because they will have proof that what you are doing works and that it is always supported by good intention. It also means that setting a good example can be about apologizing or correcting your mistakes with a good attitude. In this way, you will have built a naturally balanced authority, without even asking for it...

4. Become an expert in problem solving.

Knowing that "problems = solutions" is one thing. But applying it in daily life is another story. You have to build that way of thinking, that attitude where you see problems as an opportunity to learn new things. This requires repetition and, of course, facing difficulties, rather than running away from them.

5. Encourage the positive in everyone.

To be truly kind and caring (but in a balanced way), you must be able to recognize the strengths and qualities of the people around you. And more than recognizing their qualities, you must also nurture those qualities as well as your own. This means encouraging others when they do well, giving them sincere compliments. Not too much, not too little, and with yourself as well.

If you apply these keys, success will only be a matter of time... And it will always come from within before it shows up around you.