the angelica yoga

For thousands of years, humans have been trying to understand the mysteries and meanings of their lives. This deep quest inspired them to question themselves, to meditate, to pray, to close their eyes and see beyond the outer form, to find answers to a thousand questions such as: Why do we live, if we have to die? Why do we have to suffer? What are the reasons behind all these injustices and discrepancies in this world? What is the role of problems and difficulties? Human beings have questioned themselves about all the energy they spend to find happiness and transform their fears into victories. They wondered why such is life.

These questionings have never been so important in history than in our century, where new generations crave for Knowledge emanating directly from their soul… This is where Angelica Yoga emerges, to offer us multiple answers and tools to meet ourselves. This initiatory yoga is focused on the ability we have to receive personal answers and teachings through dreams, signs and symbolic language, as well as a balanced development of our emotional, intellectual and spiritual intelligences.

It is important to understand the initiatory essence and openings of consciousness that Angelica Yoga triggers in us when we practice it. Beyond postures or movements, this yoga aims to integrate Angelic Energies, that represent Qualities, Virtues and Pure Powers. It helps us to transcend our memories and unconscious limitations, that prevent us from expressing our true potential and participate consciously to our evolution on Earth. It allows us to receive clear answers, directly from within ourselves, thanks to the activation of our multi-dimensional intelligence, to develop a true spiritual autonomy. 

The recitation of Angel's names through a Mantra – Angelica Mantras –, which is a very ancient practice, associated with symbolic movements and postures activates different reactions and metamorphosis within us, on different plans of our being. It reconnects us to Universal Intelligence, that is inherent to everything that exists. The combined practice of Angelica Yoga and Angelica Mantra multiplies our capacity to dream, facilitates their understanding and right interpretation, and helps to decode signs and synchronicities that manifest in our lives. This way, we reconnect to the remembrance of who we truly are and the meaning of our existence on Earth.


- Clean our memories and understand our karmas

- Improve ourselves through knowledge, awareness, deep understanding and initiations

- Activate our capacity to dream and remember, analyze and interpret them

- Recognize signs and decode them

- Open our heart and develop our Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

- Open our third eye and develop our Spiritual Intelligence

- Deepen our study of symbolic language and multi-dimensional understanding of symbols

In summary, this initiatory yoga helps us to discover our Universal and Angelic Nature. Through the power of Angel recitation associated with sacred movements, we create an opening of consciousness that allows us to connect with what is hidden in our deep unconscious. Then, gradually, Angelica Yoga helps to reveal the most beautiful and purest aspects of ourselves, from the depths of our soul, until we totally incarnate Angelic Qualities, Virtues and Powers, on all plans and spheres of our lives.

Practicing Angelica Yoga is learning how to use the technology of our human consciousness, to transform ourselves and discover the multi-dimensions of existence within us.

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