Angelica Mantra Meditation and Angelica Journey

The Angelica Mantra Meditation (AMM) and angelica journey events

The ANGELICA MEDITATION is a very ancient initiatory practice which favours the marriage of spirit and matter, the activation of our angelic consciousness, of our third eye. It leads to the cleansing of our memories, to better remember the dreams and signs we receive and also to better interpret them. It is a powerful meditation practice performed with an Angelica Mantra (the recitation of the name of an Angel). It allows us to activate the qualities of the Angel within ourselves and to transform our weaknesses into inner strengths.

Regular practice enables us to :

  • Re-program our memories, understand that the human being is a living computer that records + and - memories at every moment.
  • Developing and activating the third eye: clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience (activation of the 6th sense and all other senses)
  • Achieving true spiritual autonomy and activating dreams and signs on a daily basis
  • Gradually deepen understanding of symbolic language, the language of the universe.
  • Developing multidimensional perceptions.

Schedule for upcoming AMM & AJ sessions online with Haritha: 

16th March 2022 - AMM with Angel 72 Mumiah - rebirth
13th April 2022 -
AMM with Angel 6 LELAHEL - The Divine Light that heals everything(light of love)

Angelica journey - HEaling with symbolic language
27th March 2022
27th April 2022
26th June 2022
25th September 2022
13th November 2022

(Please note that these events are done in English, and translated in vietnamese in real time)

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Though free, the participation is on registration basis due to limited seats.