Ân Nguyên

  • Assistant Professeur UCM Ân Nguyen

Born in Belgium of Vietnamese parents, Ân remembers that since his early childhood, he has always been searching for the why... why do human beings have such behaviors, why must they die, why does evil exist... He was without knowing it, in search of initiatic knowledge, in search of the causes and the links of consequences.

At the age of 18, his spiritual journey begins and his quest for existential meaning leads him to an advanced research. He discovers during his studies of physiotherapy and biology, that it is impossible for the human body to be the fruit of chance. Amazed by so much harmony, he realizes more and more that if we change one decimal, a single constant of the Universe among dozens of constants, such as the speed of light for example, that the Universe as we know, would change and would be completely different. He discovers the mysteries of the mechanisms of science, and that everything is orchestrated in such a precise way in the Universe, that coincidence cannot exist.

Going from revelation to revelation, Ân is inspired by the meeting of a spiritual couple who teaches him energy healing, and presents him The Book of Angels. This book is the turning point of his life... it answers all the questions he had been asking himself for so many years without finding answers that satisfied him. This couple invited him to meet Professor Kaya during a tour in Europe. This soul-to-soul appointment becomes a great step in his life, because he immediately registers for DSSI Training, which from the start, multiplied his openings of consciousness and metaphysical knowledge of the human consciousness. During this same period, his spiritual journey guides him towards studies in physiotherapy.

After 5 years of intense inner work through DSSI Training, Ân improves his life on all levels, and builds a healthy and balanced life through the guidance he receives with his dreams, and through the signs of his daily life. The DSSI Training Course, which is now an integral part of his life, helps him at every moment to understand even better the secrets of the human body, to deeply understand the patients during physiotherapy sessions, and has even treated more and more patients thanks to the Knowledge of the multidimensions of the body and mind.

In 2019, an important step in his destiny, guided by profound dreams, signs and affinities worthy of the most magnificent legends, Ân meets his life partner, Linh, at the heart of his origins during a journey to Vietnam. He later decides to move from Switzerland to Vietnam to find her. It is now with her, hand in hand, that they work together at UCM Vietnam and help every day other people in search of meaning like them, so that people also have the possibility to follow this initiatic path, this Teaching that changes life…