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Altruistic Affiliate Program

Giving without spending

A new way to support the NPO.

At UCM, we are constantly looking for ways to support the non-profit organization to generate new projects whether it be printing books, creating new videos, improving our studio, organizing new seminars, retreats, etc.

In short, all of this requires functional investments and we have always done the best we could 🙂

At the same time, we know that giving is not always possible for everyone, so we thought of a way that you can help UCM without spending more than your usual purchases.

This is how the idea of the altruistic affiliate program was born. Yes, an affiliate program whose sole purpose is to help a nonprofit, with all profits reinvested in humanitarian projects.

One program, two possibilities

Affiliate program by Amazon

Through product links to Amazon, UCM can receive a percentage of the sale without increasing the purchase price.

So you can continue the purchases you usually make on Amazon, but through the UCM affiliate link. So, by everyone helping each other, we can really provide extraordinary support.

If a product you use regularly is not listed, write to us to get an affiliate link and continue supporting humanitarian projects.

You can start your regular shopping with the affiliate button below.

Affiliated apps and services

At UCM, technology is an important part of all of our missions and our internal team has had the opportunity to test many applications and services to find exceptional and practical tools.

Whether for your own work, personal use or even recommendation to acquaintances, you can use the affiliate links to the services we recommend.

If a purchase or subscription is made through one of these links, UCM will benefit from a commission that can be reinvested in current projects.

It is possible to help humanitarian projects while doing your personal shopping.