• Assistant Professeur UCM Alexis Mercier

Alexis was born in Brussels, Belgium. At a very young age, he already questions himself about the real meaning of life, and receives many initiatic dreams during all his childhood. The natural empathy and open-mindedness that his parents gave him contributed to his deep wish to help others, without having received a spiritual education. During his adolescence, he travels several times in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Canada, long before to discover UCM and to know that the headquarters of the non-profit organization Universe/City Mikaël (UCM) are based here.

As he grows up, Alexis receives dreams that led him to perceive the reality of the multi-dimensions of his consciousness, as they seemed so real to him. He starts to read many spiritual and esoterical books, searching for answers to his deep inner feelings. In parallel, he is very interested in music and cinema, that represent for him powerful means of symbolic expression, to express feelings and emotions beyond words.

He then meets the teachings of UCM at the age of 20 during a conference given by professor Francis L. Kaya in Brussels, that resonates in him like the direct answer to his deep questionings. Symbolic language directly seems logical and understandable to him, like a remembrance emerging from his memory…

Later, he studies Information and Communication at the University of Brussels until 2014, and works at the same time during 4 years as community manager and chief editor in a non-profit organization, developing his qualities of organization and management. During this experience, he will meet many people from different social and cultural backgrounds, which allowed him to discover the multiple facets of human consciousness.

The next year, in 2015, after travelling in different countries in the world, he decides to begin the DSSI program. It is a revelation for him, the beginning of a new stage of life where he meets Emeline, his future wife, with whom he shares today this deep and multi-dimensional knowledge. They are now invested together with all their heart at the UCM Research center, and in the DSSI program, incarnating the deep values of self-knowledge and understanding in their couple.

Today, he participates in many projects of the Universe/City Mikaël (UCM) Teaching and Research center, helping to the revision of several books and translations. He also assists weekly the teachers of the DSSI program in their corrections of dream journals from students of different countries.