Adina Cuxton

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A child of the ‘Blue Mountains’ or ‘Nilgiris’ as it is better known, Adina was born in Coonoor, in Southern India. Under the tutelage of her Uncle, the father figure in her life, she received her first Teaching from nature. While gardening, she learnt how important is was to constantly tend to her outer and inner garden as she saw how weeds grew strong, deep roots sometimes, when not weeded out in time. She didn’t want this to happen in the garden of her mind and so became conscientious of everything she did. Studying the constellations always brought joy to her heart and taught her adaptability; to flow with the natural cycles. The fixed North Star inspired her to want to become a guiding light to others. Her biggest lesson was one in humility, when an accident caused her favourite, ‘beautiful’ little finger, to become disfigured.

During dawn one day, she saw a Luminous Being at the foot of her bed and felt enveloped by the Loving Energy that this Being radiated. She believed, from the stories shared by her Uncle, that she was in the presence of an Angel. Thus began a deep Spiritual journey, a Quest to gain knowledge about the Heavenly Dimensions and these Divine Essences.

While her Christian mother shared with her stories from Hindu mythology, her Uncle shared many Biblical stories, but the one that captivated her the most, was the story of Joseph the Dreamer and his coat of many colours. Like him, she was drawn to the world of dreams, as she intuitively knew that dreams are a powerful way to connect with the Universe.

The desire to go deeper into an understanding of dreams caused her to get attracted to Freud and Jung at the age of 12. With this, her connection to Psychology was created. Perhaps, in preparation for her DSSI journey, Up Above also drew her towards the study of symbols in English Literature. She thus grew up knowing, from a very young age, that she wanted to study Psychology and Literature at the University level. Thanks to synchronicity and a shift in her life’s direction, she completed her higher studies in Bangalore where she had a choice to major in 3 subjects. So, she added Sociology to her other two favourite subjects.

Being drawn to Teaching from childhood, she followed her heart and is pursuing a Teacher career.

Throughout this journey, she was praying fervently for the right Teacher who would guide her on to the right Path.

Her prayers were finally answered when the very precious ‘Blue books’ of UCM Publication entered into her life in 2013. She was deeply moved when she realised that while she had chosen ‘The Book of Angels’, her 10 year old son had chosen on his own, ‘The Spiritual Diary of a Nine-Year-Old Child’. They discovered the family connection between the authors of the books (Kaya, Christiane and Kasara) only upon returning home. Synchronicity again played out so beautifully when she realised that the CD she had chosen, contained songs sung by one of the authors of ‘The Book of Angels’ - Kaya. She was moved to tears by how Up Above had organized everything so precisely, without her even being consciously aware of the connections. It was indeed ‘No Coincidence’.

The Universe had more joyful surprises lined up for her. She was ecstatic when she came across a poster announcing a workshop on Dreams and Angels by Kaya and Christiane. Overwhelmed by the fountain of joy and deep gratitude she felt, she knew that she had finally found her Teachers and her Path. Thus began her profound journey of transformation with DSSI and UCM.