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5 Signs that you are Spiritual

You have always felt different from others. You ask yourself questions that most people don't have answers to. You look at your family members and realize things about them that they don't even realize. Think you have a problem? Don't worry, it's normal. You are experiencing an opening of consciousness. You are becoming spiritual...

1 - You feel like you are playing roles all the time

When you were younger, you used to love family reunions, playing with your cousins, seeing your aunts and uncles, or friends of the family. But lately, you find it different. You realize that your uncle is always telling the same stories about his work and you force yourself to listen. When she says hello to you, your aunt always kisses you with her lipstick smearing your cheek, and she hugs you and almost gives you a wrestling hold. And the worst part is that she doesn't realize it... 🙂 Your cousin makes dirty jokes during dinner and it makes everyone laugh, but you feel that his wife has had enough and has been forcing herself to smile for too long.

And you, in the midst of all this, remain the one who is nice to everyone. You'd like to say certain things, but you try not to create any discomfort around you because you know it could break the mood. So you keep quiet, you smile, and you continue to play your role, like everyone else around you...

It is very common when we become spiritual to have the impression of playing roles with the people around us. And it is normal at first, because to know ourselves in depth, we have to experiment, to "test" all the roles that exist to better understand them. You have to have been too kind to understand true kindness... And you have to have been crushed to know where your limits are and to have them respected... Just as you have to have been too imposing with others to know how far you can go.

"It's okay to play roles at first... We experiment with our personality... Until we find the Essence of who we are..."

One day, we come to understand these different roles that we have played, or that we have seen around us, and we understand that certain energies do not create a harmonious energy, and that others can create on the contrary a beautiful atmosphere. We analyze the + and the - of each one and we know which roles are positive, and which are negative... And we can then integrate in ourselves the positive side of what we have experienced...

And it is by getting to know ourselves better through our dreams that we can truly know the facets of our personality. We can see in our dreams our need for attention, our desire to please, our memories of low self-esteem, etc... But also our welcoming energy, our generosity, our motivation, and all of our beautiful qualities... And by studying them, by understanding them, we can also better recognize them when they manifest themselves in our daily lives, whether in ourselves or in the people around us.

With the opening of consciousness that we experience when we are spiritual, we can feel very destabilized, because we discover many different parts of ourselves, and our personality can feel fragmented, not knowing who we are anymore. But by practicing meditation or Mantra, we can find a unity in our personality, know what our main essence is and develop it in a way that is constructive for ourselves and for the people around us. We no longer need to play a role, because our personality is better unified, focused.

Then we can more easily react to the different energies we encounter in our daily life... We are able to talk to someone who has disrespected us, diplomatically, without projecting our disturbance on the other. And we are able to let it go too, to not be extreme in our reaction... And we have compassion for the other at that moment, rather than responding with hate, because we come back to ourselves... We understand that the other always shows us a facet of ourselves through the Law of Resonance...

"With the Law of Resonance, we understand that the other is always a part of ourselves."

Because yes, your uncle, your aunt and your cousin are always parts of you to be transformed... And if you feel disturbed by their attitude, it is because there is something to understand about it, a percentage in you that resonates with them... And if you work on it, if you transform it in yourself, one day you won't be disturbed anymore, and you will manage to react in the right way.

When we are spiritual like you, it is our responsibility to work on ourselves, not to project our disturbance on the other. And if we manage to do it one day at a time, one memory at a time, then one day we feel unified, confident, and we don't need to play roles anymore... Because we know who we are, we know who the other is, and we know exactly what is the right energy to adopt with the person...

2 - You are looking for a meaning to your life

When you see people around you, some have a good job, a good salary, but you feel that something is missing in their life... You have the impression that they live in an illusion... Matter is present around them, they have a family, but they don't look deeply happy. Before, you didn't realize it, but the more you observe the people around you, the more you understand that matter and money are tools that help to create stability, but are not the source of happiness...

So you ask yourself questions and wonder what you are doing here? Why do we live, why do we die? What's the point of having a job if you're not happy doing it? And you think more about your salary than anything else to motivate yourself?

These questions are very important to ask, and they are often found among spiritual people. For one day, the more deeply one understands life, the more one is aware of the illusions in which most people live. But at the same time, there is an essential aspect to understanding all of this, because the illusions have their place... Illusion is educational, and it's important to remember that... If you tell your parents from one day to the next that their marriage is an illusion because they don't really love each other, or that they've spent 40 years of their lives doing a job they don't like, they probably won't react very well... 🙂

"We should never impose our values on each other, even if they are positive."

That's why you have to be careful when you are a spiritual person not to become extreme about the meaning of life. Yes, you have chosen to see life more deeply, and that is great. But it's not because the other person doesn't meditate or is too materialistic that he is a bad person... Maybe your uncle tells dirty jokes at family gatherings, but at least he is a reliable person, well organized in his work, a good family man who loves his children... And that's important to remember.

The meaning of life is something so personal and deep, and that's why we should never impose our values on others, even if they are positive. Because even the positive, if imposed on the other, can become negative because of the intention you put into it... So before talking to your uncle about the meaning of life, turn your tongue 7 times in your mouth and be careful not to "turn his brain around" too quickly... Because he needs his steps to evolve and to develop qualities that he would not be able to develop otherwise 🙂

3 - You don't feel well and you don't know why

And yet you have everything you need in your life... You have a place to live, a family, food and material in abundance around you; you have everything to be happy but you are not and this puzzles you. So you go to see a psychiatrist and he gives you a diagnosis: you are suffering from depression. He's right, and wanting to do the right thing he prescribes anti-depressants. It helps you and it gets better for a while, but when you stop taking them, it's a free fall. It's a roller coaster of emotions when everything is calm around you, and it turns you upside down...

But it's not your psychiatrist's fault. He has advised you to the best of his knowledge and antidepressants have their place for people who are dangerous to themselves and to others. But if you really want to heal deeply, it is time to go and meet your memories... They are what create these discrepancies in your life...

And when we understand the reality of memories, we even realize that depression is a stage that is sometimes necessary for some people... Because someone who is depressed is experiencing an opening of consciousness... And this can activate in him a new strength, a seed of renewal that would not have been possible without this emergence of memories. All these phases are typical of spiritual people, and even if you don't really feel depressed, you understand what it is like and you too experience ups and downs without knowing why.

"It is the memories that are the source of all the difficulties we encounter... Like a computer that is saturated with programs..."

Indeed, it is our memories that make us feel bad inside... And they can sometimes make us act in a weird way too... Like rejecting someone we love, being afraid of love, or feeling attracted to someone who hurts us or disrespects us...

You can see it all in your dreams. And by working on your dreams, studying them and understanding them, you can really integrate deeply why you don't feel well. And with the practice of meditation, of Mantra, you can cleanse your memories, and thus transform yourself from the inside. And then you finally understand why you feel the way you do... And you can start to appreciate what life has given you again.

It's so important to remain grateful for what we have received in life, even if it's not perfect. We should always take a moment in our day where we thank Life, the Universe or God, whatever we call Him, for everything positive in our life... And one day, if we cultivate this state of mind, we are even able to feel gratitude in the more difficult, negative moments... Because we understand that the negative is there to help us grow.

If you're still feeling under the weather, feel free to make an appointment at the UCM clinic. We know what it's like not to feel well. We've all been there... And if you're looking for deep life advice on what you're going through, you can be sure that you'll be understood and accompanied with kindness...

4 - You would like to change the world... but you don't know how

When you watch the news on television, you wonder why they don't talk about more important issues. It's always the same refrain, the same energy of fear and insecurity. You are tired of it and you wish people would realize the beauty of life, get out of their problems and stop worrying about nothing. You even start to wonder if there isn't a plot somewhere...

So you try to change the world around you. You have heated debates with some friends who think differently. They call you an idealist, but you resist. You don't give in. And sometimes this creates tension with those close to you. You get angry with people who have a too down-to-earth view of life. Or you don't say anything, and you remain silent, but you get crushed by the opinions of others... Hmm...

This is often the way a spiritual person will react: either by being too reactionary, extremist, or by saying nothing and being too nice. Or sometimes by going from one to the other. And one day we understand that no matter how hard we try to put forward the best arguments in the world, if the other person doesn't want to change, he won't change.

But at the same time, it is not an excuse to avoid conflicts and never express yourself when someone asks you for your opinion. You have to be careful when you are spiritual not to run away from the disturbances you may have about certain subjects or people... And to withdraw from society saying to yourself that you will never manage to change it anyway...

"It is the deep desire to improve that everyone has within them that can one day change the world... One person at a time."

Indeed, when one is spiritual, sometimes not knowing how to change the world, one prefers to withdraw from it... But this is not an ideal solution. If we want to change a society, we must also understand its rules, its functioning, how to change it from the inside while respecting the rhythm of each person who lives there. It is the same thing in a family, if we want to solve conflicts, leaving is not a solution, we should rather discuss, find solutions together to move forward with each one making efforts.

So if you want to change the world... Change yourself first... And you will see that your positive efforts will also one day inspire others. If you overcome problems or difficulties, it may one day become an example for the people around you. You will speak about it with more wisdom, experience, and through your experience you will be able to help others one day if you wish.

You will even change the way you work, talk to your family, your colleagues... This will create questions around you, they will ask you how you manage to have such energy... And you will be able to tell them that you are working on yourself, in all humility and sincerity... and they may even tell you one day about one of their dreams, because they will feel that you could provide them with answers... And that is when you will understand that in order to change the world, each one of us can make an effort...

5 - Deep down you know that there is no coincidence

Every time you look at the clock, you see that it says 11:11 or 7:07. It often happens that you think of someone and they call you a few moments later. Sometimes you feel connected to your surroundings and "feel" things before they happen. It is a fact: you are developing one of your spiritual powers.

This is called clairsentience, the ability to feel things around you with a sensitivity that goes beyond your senses. And this is one of the first signs that a person is spiritual. Science is showing more and more that everything in the Universe is connected, linked in some way, and that events that seem at first sight to be distant can have a common meaning, a metaphysical link...

We can compare the Universe to a big living computer, where everything is calculated, precisely organized so that certain events occur. And when we work on ourselves, when we meditate, when we study our dreams, we are able to "enter" into this framework, into this rhythm of Life, which always brings us exactly what we need.

"The universe is a living computer where everything is organized."

But do you think this way when you walk through dog poop? Do you think this way when you miss your bus before an important meeting? Do you think that there is no coincidence when you are outside without an umbrella and a heavy rain soaks you from head to toe?

Everything has a reason for being in life. Sometimes we don't understand why at the time, but every situation, every difficulty or every event has a deep meaning for our evolution. Even the "small" events actually have an important place in our lives. The simple fact of going to the toilet can be seen as a banal gesture, or a deep and dimensional purification... Breathing too, we all do it unconsciously, but when we take a good breath of oxygen in consciousness, how good it feels! Feel free to breathe deeply if you're reading this, I'm sure it will do you good 🙂

So keep observing life, feeling it, seeing each thing that happens to you from an evolutionary, understanding angle. And with symbolic language, even a dog poop can take on a very deep and educational meaning... 🙂 Because when we understand the meaning of what happens to us, we no longer "undergo" life or painful events; we integrate their educational meaning, and we are never again lost or in misunderstanding... We have a deep guidance that allows us to find our way in moments of doubt...

So if sometimes you doubt your way... Ask for dreams... Ask for signs... And you will see that Heaven and the Universe will help you... Not always in the way you think, but in the best way to make you evolve... Because now you are spiritual... You see life differently...

So, are you ready to change?