the 72 angels

The spiritual goal of man is to become an angel by recognizing and developing the Divine qualities, virtues and powers that he carries within himself.

The Traditional Angel Doctrine provides us with lists of the qualities of the 72 angels it defines, as well as the corresponding human distortions. This gives us the opportunity to get to know the original code of consciousness and to learn to understand it deeply and thus also the potential that is inherent in us and that we can use positively or negatively. Regularly reading up the qualities and distortions listed on the angel cards helps to familiarize oneself with each of the 72 angels and to structure one's personal inner work in a meaningful way. These very ancient lists are the result of centuries of serious, rigorous research into consciousness. The form in which they are presented here is adapted to modern times and is intended to ensure that they can be used universally.   

how do you work with the angels?

The pictorial representation of the angels as winged beings is a metaphor that symbolically reflects our ability to dream and to travel through the multidimensional dimensions of our consciousness. Working with the angelic energies is basically very simple: it consists in choosing an angel whose qualities, virtues and powers one would like to develop, and then reciting his name with an intense intention for at least five days like a mantra, whereby one awakens the divine ray of consciousness symbolized by the angel. In this way we can not only activate the corresponding angelic potential in us, but also gain new insights, integrate new potentialities and transform our distortions - those we are consciously as well as those contained in our unconscious memories.Depending on what kind of memories are evoked by the vibration of the angel's name, the angelic potential manifests itself either in its pure form or it allows the corresponding human distortions to appear. But one thing is certain: the work with the angels will definitely have an effect. This is expressed in our dreams and / or everyday situations through events and manifestations that correspond exactly to the characteristics of the angel. If we pay close attention to our dreams and everyday occurrences, we will see that they correspond to the qualities of the angel called or to the human distortions.

Note : It is important to first interpret the qualities and distortions primarily in the language of consciousness, that is, that they are not to be interpreted only in the literal sense. 

Excerpts from  The Book of Angels, Volume 1, by Kaya & Christiane Müller