Die 3 Engelkalender

At birth, a person receives three guardian angels with him on his way. Their qualities show him the strengths and abilities that he has acquired in previous lives and that he can develop in this life, while the distortions of their energies show him the weaknesses that he should transcend in this life.

The  FIRST  Guardian Angel corresponds to the physical plane, the world of action and the solid body. You can find him with the help of the  angel calendar # 1  based on the date of birth.

The  SECOND  Guardian Angelcorresponds to the emotional level, the world of feelings and emotions. It shows the possibilities and the virtues that humans have to work on on the emotional level. You can find his name in the  angel calendar # 2  based on the date of birth.

The  THIRD  Guardian Angel corresponds to the intellectual level and touches the world of thoughts. You can find it in the  angel calendar # 3  based on the hour of birth.

As in astrology, the moment of birth simply serves as a starting point and starting point. The aim of working with the states of consciousness of the angels is not only to internalize the potential of our three guardian angels, but the all-embracing consciousness that the 72 angels of the initiation tradition represent ...

Excerpts from  The Book of Angels, Volume 1, by Kaya & Christiane Müller