Christiane, a real inspiration of emotional intelligence (EQ), a modern woman of her time…

Christiane grew up in Geneva, Switzerland, in a comfortably well-off and yet modest family. Her parents were grocers on Rue de Lausanne. She spent her childhood and teenage years in service, daily work and devotion, helping her parents morning and evening while continuing her studies. She was also brought up by a great aunt who had become completely transformed after her husband’s suicide. From a very young age, Christiane identified with the search for compassion and humanitarianism of this aunt, who had a leg amputated after an accident. Nevertheless, through her kindness she still helped missionaries and financed their works, and Christiane followed suit, inspired by her presence and concrete actions to help others.

After raising her son alone following the separation from her first husband, Christiane developed a career in the banking world in Geneva. A qualified New York Stock Exchange broker, she subsequently became a human resources manager for a bank in Switzerland. She was also the assistant to the president of a US bank in Geneva and held prestigious posts alongside some of the richest people in Europe. Her career was taking shape marvelously in a world of material abundance. Everything was there at her disposal, according to what society would consider a logical path.

But the inner Christiane was unveiled during a trip to India about 25 years ago. This trip plunged her into the heart of many reflections and questions on her values, life and achievements. She began to question the true meaning of life and became interested in various methods of personal development. She became certified in different techniques of self-development and integrated humanitarian aid into her daily life. She was probably the first person to give energy healings in the world of banking. Her bosses allowed her to do so knowing that the radiance she emanated could only be beneficial for the staff. At the same time, she began to accompany people in their terminal phase.

Of course, insofar as we advance and develop our inner faculties, we seek to go further and become a better person. Through helping others, Christiane opened up and discovered the potential and strength of emotional intelligence (EQ), dreams, signs and symbols. In 1992 she voluntarily left her affluent environment and promising career and began giving workshops to the unemployed, teenagers and the elderly, helping them understand the meaning of their lives and the ordeals faced along the way. These experiences changed her profoundly, and the material world now occupies a lot less importance in her life.

In 1994, she moved to Canada and deepened her ability to dream and understand symbolic language through meeting the person who would become her husband, Kaya. The similarity of their destinies is surprising: he too came from a world of abundance and left everything in order to find answers to his existential questions. They both had worked on themselves, preparing to follow their shared destiny.

In 1996, Christiane Muller's first lecture was organized in the basement of her home in Saint-Sauveur-des-Monts in the Laurentian mountains of Quebec, Canada. Five or six people heard for the very first time this white-haired lady share her experiences regarding EQ, her weaknesses and her changes. Everyone found themselves touched. News of her great strength, beautiful charisma, and deep and sincere desire to help others travelled fast and numerous requests arrived from all over Quebec. Two years later, she and her husband gave lectures in over 35 cities in French-speaking Canada, as well as lectures in English the New York region. In 2002 in Europe, Switzerland, France and Belgium welcomed their lectures and continued to do so in 60 to 90 cities annually for several years.

Over the years, the couple has written numerous books, including several bestsellers, which have been translated into several languages (already available in French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Hindi, Vietnamese, and soon to be in Romanian and Portuguese, etc.) and been broadcasted in more than 43 countries around the world. They travel regularly to America, Europe, Asia and Africa to present this teaching.

In 2014, Kaya and Christiane began the first cycle of the Dream, Sign and Symbol Interpretation (DSSI) training, given in Canada and in Europe. One of its objectives is to train doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, medical and nursing personnel, teachers, business people and retirees, who will practice their profession or be able to help with a multidimensional consciousness via knowledge of symbolic language and understanding of EQ. Beginning in 2016, the DSSI training is presented in India, and started in February 2017 also in Vietnam with students coming from many countries. In addition, the couple offers The +|- Code School Program to many thousands of students in several cities in India, Vietnam, USA, France, etc. Many schools are continuously joining this unique and fascinating scholastic program that inspires youth to understand the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Christiane and Kaya are founders of the Universe/City Mikaël (UCM) Teaching & Research Center, which is now established in Canada, France, Switzerland, Belgium, India and Vietnam. They also co-founded the Angelica Therapeutic Clinic, which welcomes hundreds of patients each year. They work on a daily basis with their daughter Kasara and her husband Anthony Di Benedetto who are also working on the development of UCM in the world with many other teachers and volunteers.

UCM, a school that grows day by day... now hundreds of millions of people are inspired by this teaching all over the world...

Updated 28-jan-17